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Unpacking an Obscene Jamie Kirchik Lie to Tucker Carlson about the Syria Gassing Hoax

How they do it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the art of the Big Lie

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We wrote earlier today about how Jamie Kirchik is a fine specimen of the atrocious neocon propaganda machine, and his interview with Tucker Carlson yesterday. Let's take a closer look at the agenda he pushes and how he shamelessly, brazenly lies.

Kirchik pushes the fiction that the scheming Russian And Syrian forces are actively blocking off neutral OPCW investigators from accessing the site of the supposed gassing, clearly indicating their guilt. Watch Jamie do his thing:

But it turns out this isn't true, which is another way of saying that Kirchick is lying.  Yesterday's OPCW official report has stated the Russian and Syrian officials have been very cooperative and supportive, with the OPCW only being limited or delayed access to locations with ongoing security issues, which the Russians and Syrians went to great lengths to mitigate.

Tucker Carlson does a hell of a job asking intensely aggressive questions in getting to the truth of the matter in this interview as few other journalists can compare to.

Why do the big American networks let this degenerate anywhere near their studios?

Fellow sodomite Anderson Cooper is happy to give him a platform

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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