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Understanding the History of Zionism 

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Much light is needed to be shed on the subject of this OpEd.

The Etymology of the words, the phrase "truth will out", or "truth will become public", appears as early as William Shakespeare's works, in particular, and ironically interestingly, in of all plays,The Merchant of Venice.

<figcaption>Founder of Zionism Theodore Herzl</figcaption>
Founder of Zionism Theodore Herzl

What the Zionists did to Armenians, as explained in great detail in the recent piece on Armenians... (

 ....was followed by a Zionist engineered plan which was the German implementation of the 'Jewish holocaust' of WW11..the pre-planned ‘6m narrative’, which one must admit was a brilliant propaganda coup, post WW11. 

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For proof see photos below of old newspapers from early 20th Century and by all means check other sources which always mention the same number, 6m. The evidence is available in archives and are self explanatory and self evident.

There is zero intent that this OpEd be construed as anti-semetic. These are just facts. 

Thus Zionists were able to intensely lobby the newly formed U.N. to create a country called Israel ....and since then Zionists, who now totally dominate the Israeli Government, they are again committing genocide, this time of the Palestinians.

History shows the complicity of the British from the early 20th Century also evidenced by the attached articles.

This is not really intended to lay blame on anyone or anywhere but the intention is to set the record straight, set history and the past straight, and to put an end finally to the false and untrue narrative of Israel’s history. 

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As George Orwell said "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

The great lie that created Israel must be now exposed if for no other reason than to save the Palestinians ....and for the sake of truth.

To spell it out in no uncertain terms, the fact is Palestine was a Country...and it was stolen

Call a spade a spade!

From 1919

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As to British complicity from a 100 years ago to conspire to create a new Country, these are but two newspaper extracts from the period which again are self explanatory:

From 1920

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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