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UN Ends Humanitarian Aid to Donetsk and Lugansk

The UN says aid programs for Donetsk and Lugansk are underfunded. 80,000 will lose aid in the form of cash and food stamps

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This article originally appeared at Lenta.ruTranslated for RI by Dmitrii Pustovitov 

The UN will cease humanitarian assistance to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics because of underfunding, according to the UN Humanitarian Assistance Department.

The UN program of assistance to the people of Donbass was initially budgeted to cost $316 million, but only 16% (approximately $50.5 million) was collected. The amount of humanitarian aid will be reduced because of extremely low financing, according to the UN report.

Because of this underfunding, 80,000 people will lose aid in the form of cash and food stamps. In regions under the control of local militias, the supply of food rations will be terminated.

The UN aid program to Ukraine for 2015 was presented on 23 February. The report referred to the difficult conditions of people living in Debaltseve and also used statistics from the Ukrainian government. These statistics indicate that almost 1 million refugees from the territory of Donbass are in need of assistance.

Humanitarian assistance has been sent with the help of Russia, which from August 2014 to the present has sent 23 special convoys, with more than 28,000 tons of goods. Assistance is also being provided by Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

<figcaption>1 million refugees are in need of assistance</figcaption>
1 million refugees are in need of assistance


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MORE: Ukraine

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