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Ukrainians Who Oppose Mobilization Are Now Considered Criminals

Ukraine's Interior Minister threatens anti-war demonstrators with detention. So much for "Western values"

A rally against mobilization was due to take place on Sunday in Mariupol, when would-be participants were threatened with arrest by Ukraine Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

Addressing his followers on Facebook, Gerashchenko wrote that: “Everyone who comes tomorrow [Sunday Feb 8] to the meeting against mobilization will be detained for several hours for identification, fingerprinting and photographing and then released.”

Key words here are “detained”, “several hours”, “fingerprinting” and “photographing”—as if a simple identification procedure were not invasive enough.

While we're at it, let's not forget that there are democratic countries, like Britain, whose citizens still object to having to carry IDs with them.

Gerashchenko's post gets even worse. Threats become explicit: “Let me remind you that I and my fellow lawmaker Boris Filatov filed a Bill to impose criminal responsibility for public appeals to derail the mobilization.”

So much for freedom of speech!

“This Act is not against mothers who leave their children with tears to defend their homeland.”

And also not against Ukrainian politicians whose “children” regularly escape the call to arms, right Poroshenko?

“It is directed against the free and paid provocateurs as well as gullible fools who are commissioned by the Russian security services to create panic and stir up hysteria in a society in order to break the will of the Ukrainian people to victory”

Until “stir up hysteria in a society” the above reads like an extract from an hypothetical CIA textbook titled 'How to arrange a color revolution'. It also perfectly describes Maidan.

The rest reads like a 1945 Hitler speech. It is the typical paranoia that grips a sick Nazi mind on the eve of military defeat.

Gerashchenko's post alone would be enough to show how far post Maidan Ukraine has drifted from the political standards of the very European democracies it seeks to be part of, if only Western media bothered to pay attention to it.

Instead of the planned rally against mobilization, a bogus pro-Ukraine rally, ablaze with no fewer than TEN flags, dotted a tiny pocket of Mariupol's central square of blue and yellow. It was promptly ridiculed in the social media.

Of course these were not “paid provocateurs,” nor “gullible fools"—they must have embodied “the will of the Ukrainian people to victory”!

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