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Ukrainians Believe Corruption Bigger Issue Than Rebellion in the East

Ukrainians believe that domestic corruption is a bigger problem for the country than its war with Russia, according to a recent poll by

The poll found that 78.9% of Ukrainians think corruption is among the most serious problems for the country, compared with 55.1% that believe war is a serious problem.

The population also clearly dislike the local oligarchs, with 32.35% naming oligarchs as a big problem, closely followed by “unprofessionalism of the authorities” at 30.2%.

The popularism espoused by opposition leader, former prime minister and head of Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party Yulia Tymoshenko and the leaders of the pro-Russia nationalist parties was considered to be a problem by only 16.5% of the respondents, and emigration is considered an issue by 12%.

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With presidential and parliamentary elections slated for 2019 the population of Ukraine is deeply disillusioned with its leadership. Ukraine was recently ranked as the poorest country in Europe and with living standards plummeting millions of Ukrainians have left the country to find work in its EU neighbours where wages are typically four times higher than at home. According to a poll earlier this year circa 85% of Ukrainians believe the country is “going in the wrong direction.”

The miasma that is hanging over the upcoming election season reflects back on President Petro Poroshenkowho is trailing Tymoshenko in the polls by over 10 percentage points. While he is thought to have a good chance of making it into a second round runoff against Tymoshenko, both politicians are also widely disliked by voters, making the outcome of both presidential and parliamentary elections impossible to predict.

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