Ukrainian Priest Cleanses Street With Holy Water After LGBT Parade in Odessa

He explained that he was cleansing the boulevard, because the sexual deviancy parade had defiled the street.

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A priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church went through the city center of Odessa, blessing the street with Holy Water following a LGBT pride parade, reports Odessa Media.

Fr. Oleg Mokryak, the head of the Odessa Diocese Missionary Department, went along Seaside Boulevard with parishioners dousing the road, people, and monuments with Holy Water.

Odessa Media

He explained as he went that he was cleansing the boulevard, after the sexual deviancy parade had defiled the street.

The “Odessa Pride 2018” parade was part of a larger three-day event, UNIAN reports. Supporters of traditional Ukrainian family values also protested during the parade, holding signs reading “All together for the family” and flags with icons of Christ.

Pride Parades in Odessa had been successfully banned in the past, such as in 2015, though this year’s went off without a hitch.

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