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Ukraine's American Overlords Approve Another $1 Billion That Can Never Be Paid Back

U.S. Ambassador to Kiev and economic assassin Geoffrey Pyatt cynically claims the loan will help Ukraine "regain its financial footing"

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This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

The neo-liberal economic model in full effect in Ukraine…destroy a country, and then loan them printed fiat dollars, which will enslave the land and its people for decades to come.

All of this, courtesy of Ukraine’s acting President, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt…who is now working diligently to keep Kiev on economic life support a little bit longer, while the western banker vultures and global oligarchs continue to pillage everything they can get their hands on.

The US government signed a second agreement with Ukraine, allowing it to have $1 billion worth of loan guarantees, US Ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt said, according to

Critics argue that international financial support to Ukraine will be wasted due to high corruption in the country, the International Business Times said.

Last month, German politician Bernd Lucke said Ukraine wouldn’t be able to pay back the loan approved by the European parliament and there was a high probability that the money would disappear forever.


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MORE: Ukraine

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