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Ukraine's Honorary Consul in Turkey Dismissed for Wearing a Putin T-Shirt

The consul is a Turkish national and the vice president of Turkish soccer side Antalyaspor

  • he had shown up for the unveiling of a new player in a T-shirt featuring Putin and the words "Politeness is our everything"

KIEV, July 13 (TASS) - Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Monday he had dismissed the country’s Honorary Consul in Turkey Levent Aydin, who was seen in public in a T-shirt with Putin’s portrait, out of principle.

"Levent Aydin has helped many Ukrainian citizens but it was the matter of principle. I took a decision to relieve him of his duties of Ukraine’s Honorary Consul," Klimkin wrote on his Twitter account on Monday. He added that Aydin was a Turkish citizen.

Earlier a number of mass media said Aydin showed up at a sports event wearing a T-shirt with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s photo and a sign reading "Politeness Is Our Everything."


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