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Shoot People on Your Vacation! War Tourists in "Human Safaris" in Ukraine. (2 minutes, English Captions)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

According to this captured fighter from the neo-Nazi punitive battalion "Azov", EU citizens are fighting on the side of Ukrainian troops as “war tourists”.  The foreigners, usually right wing extremists, participate in a kind of "safari" where they can hunt people.

Hard to believe this can be true, but this guy seems very believable.  If he's lying, he deserves an Oscar.

This phenomenon was first observed in Yugoslavian civil war where European right wingers, so called “weekend warriors”, were “hunting Serbs” together with Croatian forces.


The Azov battalion has a website where they give the mobilization point contacts.

The Azov battalion is clearly a neo-nazi organization. Here are their emblems


According to the POW, he saw several Swedish people, a Frenchman and two Georgians who came in August for two weeks.  They took part in a shooting in an attack group.

Mostly they fire from snipers and shoot from a far distance.

They even film themselves shooting and then upload the videos on the Internet since it is a leisure interest for them.

According to the POW, Azov sponsors Kolomoysky and Lyashko are fully aware of foreigners taking part in punitive action. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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