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When Billionaires Ruled Ukraine and Planet Earth

When only the headline counts for understanding foreign policy, news from even the best sources devolves. A recent New York Times piece misinforms out of pure neglect in revealing what's underneath Ukraine's insidious war.

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How about this for a “beyond the headlines” piece? When Americans see splashed underneath the mighty New York Times moniker: “Residents in Eastern Ukraine City Rally Against Separatism,” they record an incorrect assumption into their memory banks. With this, the US State Department and Kiev sigh a breath of relief. Arizona arms dealers, NeoCon congressmen, and think tank urchins waiting for White House audience, they all grin in delight at the doughty stalwart investigations of reporters like Andrew E. Kramer, too. But, alas, it's the devil in the details

The problem with this headline is, there's one thing is missing in this latest disingenuous piece from the “gray lady” of news, one big thing. Unfortunately for readers of "All the News That's Fit to Click," deep discovery on principals and sources is non-existent. So, to further the mission of Mr. Sulzberger’s famous newspaper, here’s my unpaid contribution to the factual story of the when, where, and who of the Ukraine city of Dnepropetrovsk.

<figcaption>Secretary Kerry's Visit to Kyiv, February 5, 2015 - U.S. Embassy Kyiv</figcaption>
Secretary Kerry's Visit to Kyiv, February 5, 2015 - U.S. Embassy Kyiv

To begin with, the NYT’s readership should understand the headline is wrong because "east" Ukraine is nowhere near the "east" being insinuated. Kramer has framed the headline to suggest “eastern” Ukraine, as in the pro-Russian regions somehow in upheaval over loyalties, that's just wrong. In case the writer or reader is confused, Dnepropetrovsk is 3 and a half hours by car west from Donetsk. I guess Kramer just placed the city in the east in the headline because it technically is east and south of Kiev. Let’s move on, if only for expedience; I am doing this NYT review service for free remember.

In my opinion, Kramer’s story is a news bit intended to help patch a negative PR wound for the Kiev regime. This author, and other NYT’s journalists, have performed hatchet jobs for the Washington backed anti-Russia campaigners in Kiev before. The current need comes as the Kiev regime shudders amid a crumbling cohesiveness in between accomplices there. President Petro O. Poroshenko’s dumps fellow oligarch (insert rich evil people) Igor Kolomoisky, and the latter’s notorious fondness for bounty hunting pro-Russia separatists and other forms of pugilistic prowess. The real take on Kolomoisky is nebulous to be sure. His profiles put him somewhere between a mega rich Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather) and Ukraine’s version of George Soros. However central he may appear in the current scheme of things, an even richer feudal oligarch is on the New York Times list of billionaire Ukrainian saints. 

To lay off Kramer for a moment, another story the New York newspapaper pawns off on us as fact, A Ukraine Factory That Can’t Close, and Workers Who Won’t Quit, it supports my query into NYT's intentions too. So as not to single out Kramer, Andrew Roth turns a gigantic steel operation into the Alamo of Poroshenko's rein. There's only one slight mention of the fact that Avdiivka Coke and Steel is owned by none other than Ukraine's richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov. Imagine that, Ukraine workers are so dedicated to making oligarchs money, they'll risk life and limb to keep on pumping coin into the coffers of the rich and famous.

Plug Akhmetov into the equation and friends like billionaire buddy Viktor Pinchuk below, and you've the makings of a clique that controls a trillion dollars or more worth of clout. Even compiling all this I'm wondering why some diligent New York Times or Washington Post Pulitzer winner is not framing the NEW WORLD ORDER? Wow, no wonder John McCain seems vehement to arm Kiev. 

Another billionaire Viktor Pinchuk plays a major role the NYT's has not touched on - Open Democracy
Another billionaire Viktor Pinchuk plays a major role the NYT's has not touched on - Open Democracy

I know how readers would revel in the knowledge Vice President Joe Biden’s son is an executive now for Burishma Holdings, in which Kolomoisky is heavily vested, but that's perhaps too far beneath the necessary profiling needed. As for Poroshenko, as we already know, he made his billions selling chocolate, but these now conflicted oligarchs are less interesting for the New York Times than the hero of Kramer’s story, Kolomoisky’s friend, Borys Filatov, who filled Kramer in on the east Ukraine “say no to Russia” march of which he speaks; he's an interesting player on this stage. While the NYT's piece does present the front page version of the Dnepropetrovsk demonstration story, we’re not really left knowing anything about who these people are. How can any investigative reporter, let along the New York Times, leave us in the dark on Filatov, his associations, and what the underlying meaning of all this Ukraine business is?

Since time is of the essence, (remember my donation to the NYT) perhaps you’ll forgive me just linking you to Filatov’s Facebook stream, There are many other bit players in this drama, which mainstream media has neglected to show you, but for now, Filatov is a stereotype. I know you’ll find some interesting faces and places there.

Let me start with Filatov’s place in line for heading to space when Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. The image below from Filatov’s Facebook shows the Brit billionaire with Kolomoisky’s “main man” at pre-flight preparations. (For Richard Branson's interests in Ukraine, one has to look deep - see Economics for Humanity 2012)

Borys Filatov (L) and Lord Richard Branson (R) prepare for Virgin Galactic takeoff - Screenshot of Filatov's Facebook
Borys Filatov (L) and Lord Richard Branson (R) prepare for Virgin Galactic takeoff - Screenshot of Filatov's Facebook

Since we're focused on Mr. Filatov like the New York Times never will, we can follow his timeline and his associations and gain invaluable knowledge into at least his predilections over the whole "west-east" affair. In fairness to him, I will admit some admiration for his passion on spaceflight, NASA, and all things astrophysical. Moving past his many postings aimed at the stars though, we come to imagery of guerillas, the Maidan coup, and the strange bedfellows revolutions often cause. The screenshot below is interesting for me, as I covered the mainstream media shenanigans against Mr. Putin's Sochi Games. Apparently, Filatov and his fellows were watching, too. Unbeknownst to the rest of us sports fans, apparently there was some "Russia FAIL" conspiracy going on in Ukraine, and not simply by the LGBT Washington lobbiest set. 

From the incident at the opening ceremony of Russia's Olympics - screen of Filatov profile
From the incident at the opening ceremony of Russia's Olympics - screen of Filatov profile

Then a few days later, Filatov joined in a comment string with Facebook followers over the photo below. Among the comments, "the fighting has not yet started" seems the most compelling for me. Following his movements on social media, we see Filatov as a key in Brussels, as below. These images reveal he was in town a few days before the EU summit on 21 March 2014, where new Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatseniuk, European Union leaders Herman Van Rompuy and José Manuel Barroso, and some 28 national political leaders or heads of state on the European Council, signed in Brussels the political provisions of the AA.

That whole "regime change" affair was snappy quick from an observer's point of view. Why, it was almost as if the EU knew what was about to happen! The commission even had cool posters made for this event. 

For those of you who have never considered the 1,2,3 BAM! succession of events back then, it's fair to say US Senators and State Department people were flying in and out. Next on Filatov's share list, the Israel connection to Maidan surfaces. The share below hints at later connectives in between Filatov, Kolomoisky, and even arms industry hookups later on. 

From here on in it gets nastier. Filatov's involvement in the civil war that has become Ukraine goes from cute propaganda-like imagery, to documents posted, and eventually leads to Kolomoisky's deputy pictured with members of the extreme right wing Aidar Battalion, one of Ukraine's most notorious military outfits. It should be noted that Amnesty International has accused the Aidar Battalion of having committed war crimes, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions. I'll leave you to connect the dots from here.

Borys Filatov and the caption reads; "With the assistance of the glorious Aidar battalion freed prisoners"
Borys Filatov and the caption reads; "With the assistance of the glorious Aidar battalion freed prisoners"

Curious as all these "associations are," there's no more puzzling bedfellow than Filatov’s friend, European Greens party substantial, Pavlo Khazan. This environmentalist slash energy player has been concerned about fish in the Dnepr River in the past. Today however, good weaponry and support for the armed forces seems to be the new sustainability subject for Ukraine tree huggers. Prevalent in recent shares by Filatov, Khazan was part of a recent delegation to Israel for talks with weapons giant Elbit Systems Ltd. Given the topic of conversation, one can only assume Kiev is planning on installing a Berlin Wall, a la Gaza barrier, in between the west of Ukraine and the Donbass. Such systems as the IDF uses to insulate Israel from Gaza denote something having been ordained. Khazan, whom some Internet researchers proclaim is just an altruistic and naive Jewish millionaire, he's not the weirdest Kolomoisky associate, though. 

Below, Filatov makes no bones about showing us the root of ideologies where Kiev's cohorts derive their power. If NATO, the EU, and Washington would only be so transparent!

To be sure, some 4,811 Facebook fans liked this one. And NATO commander General Breedlove thinks his forces need anti-Russia Today operatives! Sitting here wondering at all the information that can be gleaned from the internet footprints of key subjects, I am aghast that Sulzberger’s New York Times is content to flush itself down the credibility toilet over half truths. Is the all out, win-or-lose western war on Russia just that desperate? We see names pasted up in headlines as "sources" or commentators just to fortify a headline. For me, whether people, like Filatov, are simply starry eyed followers of billionaires, or if they are narcissists who brag on bravery and medals won for God knows what, the situation is the same. The world's greatest newspaper has let us down. You and I need to know who the hell these people are. I set off here, but leave the reader with one last tidbit New York Times readership may not afford. Filatov, and his associate Anton Gerashchenko filed a bill to make criminal any criticism of Kiev doctrine.

I'm not sure if President Obama even knows the depth of democratic reform taxpayer dollars fund in Ukraine. Certainly Andrew E. Kramer must have no clue as to anything I've revealed here. There you go, Mr. Sulzberger, a freebie for future journalistic revelations about our world. Here's to more of the illustrious friends of Ukraine democracy. 

А у нас здесь собралась отличная компания :)))

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