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Ukraine's Media: The Fake News Factory

Ukraine probably has the world's most dishonest media

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This article originally appeared at The Truth Speaker

When Ukrainian media fakes about myself hit the hundreds, I stopped keeping track. To come in future instalments, but they did everything, from faking civilian cemeteries for cemeteries of the ‘Russian soldiers’ , to seeing Russian soldiers in every single fighter in Donbass (incidentally all Donbass citizens are ‘Russian actors’, in Ukrainian media).

<figcaption>Part 1 of 10,000</figcaption>
Part 1 of 10,000

Having been on the receiving end so often, I can tell you just how Ukraine’s mendacious media works – exemplified by this recent case in point. I arrived at Heathrow airport on March 4th, after having taken part in the MH17 investigation in the Netherlands. At Heathrow, I was detained for four hours, questioned by British authorities about my role in the conflict in Donbass, released without charge.  I gave many interviews on the subject, describing exactly what had happened.

How this came out in the Ukrainian media was, such – ‘ ‘Journalist’ Graham Phillips passed on information about Russian occupant troops in Donbass to British Special Services’ - this from state-funded news portal, this then disseminated into at least half a dozen Ukrainian news sites, countless social media.

Looking past the clumsily loaded terminology, let’s get to the article itself – ‘Phillips underwent many hours of questioning about my illegal activities in Donbass’ – ok, let’s look past some more troweled-on loaded terminology to get to the article itself.

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‘After literally 5 minutes, Phillips agreed to cooperate with British authorities.’

A fascinating nugget indeed, indicating my agreement to providing British authorities with information on these ‘Russian occupants’. Of course, a fake, but in any case where could this information have come from?

As anyone knows, if taken for police questioning you are led into a closed-door room. So, had this (dis)information come from one of the two police officers who interviewed me? Then supposedly contacted Ukrainian media? Hardly, Scotland Yard’s position was a standard ‘no comment’. Actually, Ukrainian media didn’t even bother to say where this (dis)information had come from.

They just said it. No source, no reference. Just a fake.

The article went on that I gave the British police ‘full information’ about ‘terrorist Russian troops’ in Donbass, who were supposedly particularly interested in ‘Chechen fighters’.

Once more – no source, no reference. A fake. A complete fantasy.

All the true details in the article, such as I was detained, interrogated, in there for 4 hours, came from my own reports. But where did this fantasy come from?

It came, word-for-word, from the notorious ‘‘, which started by calling me a ‘journaglist‘, a term of abuse for a journalist used to mean dishonest, and went on for a couple of paragraphs with the above-mentioned fantasy., every bit as ludicrous, lurid as the UK’s Sunday Sport, perhaps even more, with their immediately debunked stories of ‘children’s concentration camps in Moscow, NAF commander Motorola has died many deaths on their site, incidentally they were one of the main proponents behind the ‘Yanukovych dead’ stories of March last year, actually they even ‘confirmed’ that news (Ukraine’s former president, very much still alive).

The difference is, that in the UK, the Sunday Sport is an object of ridicule. In Ukraine, is the source of mainstream Ukrainian news.

Just one of the reasons that Ukraine’s media, the news ‘fake factory’ is one of the most dishonest in the world. More coming in the next instalment….

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