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The Shameful Truth of the Ukraine Civil War

The Western-approved "anti-terror operation" is nothing more than state-sponsored terrorism against East Ukraine

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Phil Butler is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at his blog

American interests caused a civil war in Ukraine that has taken the lives of tens of thousands, and that has displaced millions more. If you cannot come to grips with this as an American, you are free to click off of this post. For that matter, you can even stay and comment below on just how righteous and exceptional you are. The irrefutable fact remains though, our leaders are killing people like bugs in Ukraine, and all over the world. Blame it all on Putin all you want, the shrapnel tells no lies.

<figcaption>Our leaders are killing people like bugs in Ukraine </figcaption>
Our leaders are killing people like bugs in Ukraine

Every time I see a picture of a little boy named Vanya, I first cringe, and then a deep seething anger arises in me. The America I grew up in, the one my father and ancestors fought for, she cannot be supporting the killing and maiming of little kids like this Ukraine child, surely not. But she is.

“Our Lady Liberty, she’s being forever tarnished by those without honor or conscience.”

Little Vanya (seen in the tweet below), he’s one of many who’s  lost almost everything to shells raining down on Donetsk from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. His father and little brother were killed, and as you can see,  his life was irrevocably shattered. It’s hard to even look at poor little Vanya. Pictures like these, even 5 years ago, they would not even reach the waiting public… but they do now, and by the thousands. I know the images may hurt your tender sensibilities, they do mine, but that’s just too bad. Compared to what this little boy feels, and compared to the hundreds of thousands fleeing so-called Novorossiya feel, your discomfort is nothing. In fact, you really need to be uncomfortable. Let me just level some tough love on my American comrades and countrymen.

Your head has been in the sand and up your butts too long. It’s time.

I know Vanya’s dad is up there in heaven about now, begging for his son’s pain to subside. You see no one knows why this little boy was spared from a grim death. Vanya will certainly be in more pain alive than with his maker. This is why I believe YOU have to look at his condition, his sweet little smile escaping a tormented body, a broken temple, one shattered by evil and greedy, and stupid men. Diplomats like the ignorant Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, who runs amok for NATO and John Kerry, their bureaucratic brain farts, even they end up killing people. Washington think tank intellectuals spawned by the Zbigniew Brzezinskis of the western world, they should shoulder the bulk of the guilt for Ukrainians, Palestinians, Muslims, and especially for thousands of dead American soldiers. It’s undoubtedly true their grand strategies have heaped upon all our heads, the literal damnation of our once glowing creed. 

A portrait of a perpetrator from the 50th Munich Security Conference 2014: Zbigniew Brzezinski (Former United States National Security Advisor; Counselor and Trustee, Center for Strategic and International Studies) History will  thank you for all the killing and subterfuge. 

We’ve betrayed ourselves in all this killing, these proxy wars for profit. You know it’s true. In the immortal words of late President John F. Kennedy:

“I look forward to a great future for America – a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose.”

Have we restrained ourselves these last 50 years? Has our wealth been invested wisely? Is their any noble purpose to having the CIA or insurgent agents operating in 130 countries worldwide? What is Crimea and Ukraine were Canada, Mexico, or Florida even? Would we tolerate English speakers being bombed or shelled to death on our doorstep? What if the pro-Russian “terrorists” (as Kiev and Washington calls them) are freedom fighters like Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, or even George Washington himself? These are very, very BIG “what if” questions.

Now for Vanya, and make no mistake he is more important in all this than you or me, life’s meaning is all about remedy, alleviating pain, simple things like a gentle touch or a soft pillow. You see how he smiles through all of this, don’s you. Well, let me be a bit more provocative here, just so you get a bit of a fire in your belly.

When Barack Obama wanted to be elected President of the United States, he told voters “the buck would stop with him.” He’s said this a dozen times since then. Well Mr. President, all I want to know is, “can you face the music?” Is there enough man, humanity, honor, or just plain arrogance in you to accept Vanya’s tears as America`s? Can you undergo the scrutiny of his loved ones, for he cannot see you to cast a hurtful eye upon you. Yes, the buck for all this perpetual war stops right there in the Oval Office. Deny it, feign democracy and freedom ringing if you will, but we know these are all lies now. Afghanistan to Benghazi or Mozambique, greedy fingers are into business all over, and the business of my country’s capital has been killing for decades. Washington, London, Berlin, and Brussels knew all along what was going to happen in Ukraine. The leaked conversation below between EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and the Estonian foreign affairs minister below is but one real piece of evidence to this, there are a great many others.

“Power with a moral purpose,” this was what Kennedy meant. The purpose of the Maidan uprising, the reason for Ukraine’s civil war, the leveling of all those sanctions on Russia, a world on the brink of another world war, it’s all too clear now Mr. President….. your desk is full to the ceiling of the White House with unaccounted for deeds. The instant the American people ask themselves some simple, elegant questions, you sir will stand to account for them. You and all those who colluded to steal liberty from the outstretched arm of Lady Liberty herself. My fellow Americans, ponder my logic if you will. 

A gathering of buzzards – US officials Assistant Secretary Nuland and Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt greet Petro Poroshenko in Warsaw on 4 June 2014 – State Department photo/Public Domain 

What if Senator John McCain and that Victorian Nuland person (above), and the EU’s EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton had not even visited Kiev? What if Ukraine had simply refused to join the EU, and instead joined the Eurasian Economic Union? What if the United States government and business interests had simply left Ukraine be more Russian than European? As former President Ronald Reagan once said; “would they be better off?” Would we? Ukraine would be governed by a billionaire oligarch. The country would have problems as before, but the people would be at peace. Europe would not be threatened, millions would not be affected, Crimea would be Ukrainian, Russians would be traveling to Paris and London this summer, and poor little Vanya and his family would enjoy a beach vacation. Now, instead of peace and normalcy, Ukraine and the world is subjected to the most massive propaganda campaign ever carried out. The next two images reveal this, in the most subtle, yet impactful way. The EU, the United Nations, and UNICEF by collaboration, want you to think they are the salvation of the victims of this.

An image of UNICEF aid to Ukraine – note the one label – EU Commission

Meanwhile, as BBC and other western media convey the altruism of the EU and UNICEF, a million refugees head to Russia, no Kiev, and hundreds of Russian trucks deliver medicines and even Christmas toys to war torn east Ukraine. The visual lie, this is the key component of what amounts to information warfare from London, Brussels, and Washington.

The other reality reveals the 14th Russian #aid convoy arrives at border with E. Ukraine – Russia aid dwarfs that of UNICEF

There are other simple questions one might ask, but in your heart you know who is guilty in all this. I can only accept blame for not having organized a massive peace demonstration in Washington. Or, for not snatching up my rifle and backpack, and heading to Donbass to help defend the Alamo. You, the reader who has stood by and watched, your own guilt should be established within, as mine is. As for Barack Obama, the Congress of the United States of America, the European Commission, NATO leaders, western media moguls, and all those who’ve exacerbated this conflict… you’re all guilty as hell. You had the power to stop this, to save little Vanya, and you feathered your own beds.

You’re all damned for not having stood up in the face of tyranny and lies, to tell the truth of this little child. All my friends recall please, the saying “truth, justice, and the American way.” I leave you with a quote from the indubitable Abraham Lincoln:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

For Vanya: May God bless you in ways none of us can understand now. May the tears of a loving God sooth your pain, ease your shaken heart, and protect you all your remaining days.  And may the world come to understand what sacrifices were offered for the undeserving and inherently evil among us.

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