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Pros and Cons of the Peace Negotiations for Russia

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This is the last of a 3 article series (part one was about the Resistence, part two about Ukraine), where we lay out the pros and cons facing the three parties to the peace negotations; Ukraine, Russia, and the Resistance.  
Todays article explains Russia point of view.  
Russian Federation
  • Its primary stated objective was to stop the death of innocent civilians. Though the Ukrainian army continues some combat operations their level has sharply fallen saving the lives of many civilians.  Hopefully the fighting will soon entirely stop. 

  • The agreements allow those European governments lukewarm or opposed to sanctions, especially those with close economic links to Russia, to put a brake on demands for more sanctions and possibly in time even to demand the removal of those sanctions that have already been imposed.

  • <figcaption>Zakharchenko (DPR), Zurabov (Russia), Kuchma (Ukraine)</figcaption>
    Zakharchenko (DPR), Zurabov (Russia), Kuchma (Ukraine)

    The agreements leave in place sanctions and counter sanctions, including those imposed by Moscow on Ukraine, that in many ways actually benefit Moscow, by enabling it to diversify its economic links, reducing its over reliance on the west and Europe, by looking for new partners in Asia and South America especially for cooperation in the military field.

  • Russians approve the policy including the agreements.  Putin's ratings in Russia have grown to over 80%. 

  • The agreements mean Russia will not have to bear the total economic cost of rebuilding the Donbass and integrating it with Russia as it is having to do with the Crimea. 

  • The agreements increase Russia's leverage with those European countries involved with Russia in joint infrastructure projects related to gas such as South Stream. 

  • The peace agreement will sow conflicts within the Ukrainian regime between the war party (especially the right wing paramilitary battalions controlled by certain oligarchs) and the supporters of the agreements. 


Putin in Crimea


  • A part of the Resistance is accusing Russia (though not Putin himself) of selling them out. 

  • Russia will have to provide indirect help, humanitarian and military, to the Ukrainian separatist regions. This is now a long term commitment regardless of what special status is granted to these regions by Kiev. 

  • The borders between Russia and Ukraine will continue to be subject to major refugee flows, coming in and out of regions whose long term status remains undecided and which have been badly damaged by war. 




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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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MORE: Ukraine

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