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Meet the Georgian Regime in Kiev

More and more Georgians join the “Ukrainian” regime as Kiev’s Georgian fighters get hammered at Donetsk airport 

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Since the start of the Euromaidan protests, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has spent a lot of time in Kiev, much to the dismay of the current Georgian government. But where else is he supposed to go?

He cannot return to his home country, where he is hated by the majority of the population and wanted for numerous crimes, and lingering in cafes in Williamsburg gets boring after a while. To make matters worse, the United States has denied him a business visa because he has fallen out of favor with many people in Washington.

So Saakashvili decided to go to Kiev and do what he does best: Spouting anti-Russian propaganda and provoking conflict!

Early on, he joined his buddy John McCain on the Maidan to rally the masses against evil Russia, telling the protesters that “victory in Ukraine will put an end to the Putin regime.” In most other countries, Saakashvili would have been laughed at but the Maidan crowd gave him a hero’s welcome and hung on his every word.

After the “peaceful protesters” had overthrown democratically elected leader Viktor Yanukovych, the newly installed NATO puppet regime in Kiev appointed Saakashvili as an advisor, ignoring all warnings from Georgia. Later on, the former Georgian President was even offered the post of Deputy Prime Minister in Ukraine but he rejected the offer because he did not want to renounce Georgian citizenship.

However, other Georgian citizens did not have any concerns about renouncing their citizenship and many have followed Saakashvili’s call to join him in Ukraine. Alexander Kvitashvili, who served as Healthcare Minister in Georgia under Saakashvili and was given the same job in Ukraine, revealed that Kiev had approached several former Georgian officials.

A few days after Kvitashvili had been appointed along with US-born Natalie Jaresko and Lithuania's Aivaras Abromavicius, Georgia’s former First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Eka Zguladze, also joined the “Ukrainian” regime and the latest addition are four more Saakashvili-era officials, who will take high positions in Ukraine’s Justice Ministry.

If George Soros had asked Saakasvhili for a few phone numbers, he could have saved the money for the headhunting process.

The appointment of Saakashvili-era officials to government posts in Ukraine has repeatedly been criticized in Georgia, usually on the basis that Ukraine “really deserves better ministers,” but the government in Tbilisi eventually realized that the increasing number of Georgians in Ukraine is becoming a problem after media widely reported the death of a Georgian soldier, who had been fighting for Kiev in eastern Ukraine.

Saakashvili was immediately blamed for the incident because he had called on Georgian soldiers to resign from the army and acquire Ukrainian citizenship in order to fight for the regime in Kiev.

It is not clear how many Georgian soldiers have followed Saakashvili’s call but recently another Georgian fighter was killed and three others wounded during the regime’s devastating defeat at Donetsk airport. The news of more Georgian casualties in Ukraine prompted Georgian Brigadier General Giorgi Kalandadze to admit that at least 100 former Georgian servicemen “are taking active part in special-task detachments of the Ukrainian army.” And according to Sergei Urashka of Ukraine's Aidar battalion, they are desperately needed:

“They help me to prepare my fighters, because they are more experienced. Some of them have been in four wars, or even more.”

In light of all this, one wonders what the “Ukrainian” regime would do without its Georgian friends. Fortunately, Kiev and its volunteer battalions can also look forward to more support from US trainers, who will soon be advising the Ukrainian National Guard. 

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