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If Russia Is Ukraine's Enemy Why Are 1.2 Million Ukrainian Men Seeking Refuge in Russia?

Economic migrants, war refugees, draft evaders... They're all voting with their feet

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Alex Christoforou is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at Red Pill Times

Is Russia invading Ukraine or Ukraine invading Russia?

Would you seek refuge in the very arms of your “enemy”?

Last time I checked 1,000 Russian troops invaded Ukraine, or was it 9,000, or 7,000. I lose count, as do the script writers for Obama, Psaki, Porky, and Yats.

Here is a number that may shock some western European and American zombies, 20,000… 

  • 20,000 increase in Ukrainian men a week seeking refuge in Russia, to avoid Porky’s military draft.
  • 1.193 million Ukrainian men, conscription age, now staying in Russia.
  • 2.5 million Ukrainian nationals (refugees) currently being taken care of (feed, clothed, etc…) in Russia.

ITAR TASS Reports…

“About 2.5 million Ukrainian nationals, including 1.193 million men of conscription age, are staying in the territory of Russia,” the FMS told TASS. More than 850,000 people have arrived from Ukraine’s south-eastern regions.

“About 440,000 people who were forced to leave south-eastern Ukraine have applied for a refugee status, temporary shelter or temporary residence permit,” the FMS press service went on to say.

Russia has 531 temporary refugee centers in its territory for 27,000 Ukrainian refugees.

If that’s not voting with your feet (literally) than I don’t know what is!

The above numbers should help any person with half a brain figure out who the real aggressor is, and who is doing the actual invading/destabilisation.

So I ask again…would you seek refuge in the very arms of your “enemy”?

How many Ukrainian refugees are the Europeans and Americans taking care of?

How many refugee centers does Poland have set up?

I forgot, Eastern Europe prefers NATO command centers rather than refugee centers.

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MORE: Ukraine

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