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Human Rights Watch: International Armed Conflict Promoter for Soros?

Human Rights Watch undermines national governments around the world and even promotes international armed conflicts between states. No wonder George Soros gives them money

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This morning Human Rights Watch published its World Report 2015 on Ukraine in which it repeats claims from the US and Ukrainian authorities that the Ukrainian civil war is ‘an international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine’, the only evidence for it cited is ‘the capture of Russian soldiers in Ukraine’, which supposedly ‘exposes Russian forces direct involvement in military operations’.

I’ve checked the report on Syria and despite evidence from Wikileaks that the U.S. secretly funded Syria’s opposition and that US-led NATO troops operated in Syria undercover, and a more recent news article that the “U.S. military has established a new command that will oversee operations in Syria” and the official announcement that the U.S. will deploy about 400 troops to Syria to train ‘moderate’ rebels, Human Rights Watch describes the conflict as that between ‘pro-government militias’ and ‘non-state armed groups.’ Predictably, US or NATO’s involvement is mentioned and it’s certainly not classified as ‘an international armed conflict between Syria and the US’, revealing HRW’s double standards.

<figcaption>Promoting peace through disinformation</figcaption>
Promoting peace through disinformation

Following the US State Department’s party line, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday that Russia had 9,000 troops in Ukraine and demanded their withdrawal. However, later the Chief of Ukrainian Army clearly stated that they do not have evidence of mass involvement of Russian forces in the conflict in Donbass, but instead they can only be sure of participation of individual volunteer Russian citizens within anti-Kiev battalions. Similarly, a Ukrainian Major and military expert confirmed that there are no Russian troops in East Ukraine. Same is confirmed by an OSCE representative and a number of independent journalists, which are operating in Donbass.

In short, the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine is not a proved fact, as no one has provided conclusive evidence for it anywhere, so why is Human Rights Watch presenting propagandistic allegations as fact, thereby fuelling international tension that could well end up in WWIII? The clue may come from the fact that since 2010 Human Rights Watch has been funded by George Soros, who admitted his responsibility in February 2014 coup and who openly called for war with Russia in the New York Review of Books and demanded that the EU funds Ukraine in their war effort. So have Human Rights Watch become a mouthpiece for their billionaire sponsor?

George Soros, the Wall Street speculator who was convicted and fined for insider trading by the European Court of Human Rights in 2002, “has built an empire out of obfuscating global criminal activity with the cause of “human rights.” In repeating unproved claims by their sponsors, Human Rights Watch are discrediting themselves, as a modern day network of imperial administrators, undermining national governments around the world and even promoting international armed conflicts between states.

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