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Here's What Obama and Cameron Were Thinking At the NATO Summit

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider


RI sent renowned mind-reader, Alex Simpson, as our special correspondent to the NATO summit last month.  

Lets listen in, shall we?



Cameron:  Let me get this straight ...  , we spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine with special ops, and started a proxy war...  3,000 killed, 15,000 maimed, half a million refugees, give or take a few ... mostly women, children, elderly, ...  bombed civilians,  funneled slush funds to neo-nazis, encouraged them to go on a rampage ..., gave Russia Crimea back, ...  hmmm.  

We should never have listened to Victoria, ...  hmmm

Obama:  I wonder what's for lunch.


Cameron:  Then we got our asses kicked by a bunch of miners and mechanics from East Ukraine...  seriously embarrassing!  I guess Russia would have helped them, but it turned out they didn't really have to...  

We look really foolish.  hmmm...

Obama:  That was a really nice vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  Two weeks really isn't enough, though.


Cameron:  And we shot down that silly airliner.  God, the Dutch are dumb!  We've got to come up with a really convincing lie to get out of this one ... hmmm

Obama:  Wake me in 20.


Cameron:  Ok, here's what we'll say, the media falls for it every time...  "Putin started it!  Its all Russia's fault!  Mommy, he hit me first!"

Obama:  Can somebody pass the cookies?




































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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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MORE: Ukraine

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