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Foreigners are Fighting on Both Sides in Ukraine. But There's Little Proof.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Are there Russians fighting on the rebel side? Yes there are, we are also told that there are SerbsFrenchSpaniards and so on.

How about the other side? Well at least one American has been killed fighting on Kiev's side and there’s a Swedish sniper. No doubt there are others. Are any of these sent by their governments? I doubt it.

There are persistent rumours that American Blackwater (now re-named Academi) are fighting for Kiev.  I have seen claims that there are Polish commandos. The participation of these forces would imply involvement by their governments. But I have seen no evidence. Evidence being documents, a corpse with identification or a prisoner speaking. Believable? Yes, but no evidence. (But stay tuned: the rebels have just captured a lot of documents.)

There are many assertions that Russian soldiers and weaponry – i.e. serving soldiers sent by and with the approval of Moscow – are fighting in eastern Ukraine. As I have argued here, the evidence presented by NATO is nothing like what real evidence gathered by the all-seeing American intelligence assets would look like. Evidence, so laughably inadequate, in fact, that it’s negative evidence: if this is the best they have, then they obviously have nothing. Again, believable, but no evidence.

We know NATO countries are providing the Kiev forces with “non-lethal equipment” because they say they are. (“Non-lethal equipment”, by the way, is a concept designed to fool the simple-minded. There is no such thing: wars need beans, bullets and bandages; if beans are provided free of charge that leaves more money for bullets). Russia's aid convey is an example of providing beans, just as the US provision of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to the Kiev side is.

From where are the rebels getting their weaponry? Well they capture quite a lot: go to this website and see for yourself (destroyed on left, captured on right). Does Russia provide weapons from its stocks? Believable, but no evidence.

And that is really all that can be said with certainty about either side.

Photos below:  Weapons captured by the Resistance.  The numbers in the  boxes indicate the number of weapons of this category which were captured.

Weapons captured by the Resistance


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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