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The Disgusting Media Blackout of the 8-Year-Old Girl Killed by Drunk Ukrainian Soldiers

A complete western mainstream media blackout has taken effect over the murder of eight-year-old Polina by drunk Ukrainian soldiers in the East Ukraine town of Konstantinovka

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Alex Christoforou is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at Red Pill Times

For western main stream media, Ukraine can do no wrong...

  • Nazi ideology infesting the Ukraine government and military...these guys are a marginal, controllable faction.
  • Forgo dialogue and negotiation. Begin an avoidable civil war...not a civil war, but an Anti-Terrorist Operation.
  • Anti-Coup Federalists fighting for basic human rights...Nope, they are Russian Backed Separatists, with no agency or free will afforded to them. 
  • Launch artillery strikes on your own citizens in the east killing over 6,000 people...must be a Russian invasion, 38 times and counting.
  • Shoot down a Malaysian passenger was Putin's missile.
  • Run over a mother and her two little girls, killing the eight year old Polina...MEDIA SILENCE!
<figcaption>8-year-old Polina</figcaption>
8-year-old Polina

Some crimes cannot be explained or spun...even for the western main stream media and its Washington sponsors.

Best to just black out these stories. The risk that some light of truth or compassion may surface in face of young Polina cannot be left to chance.

Washington's drive to destroy the "subhuman" Russians cannot be placed into jeopardy by showing the very human, very real death of a young little girl at the hands of a brutal putsch military occupier.

What could be more moving, more emotional, and more unjust than the death of this little girl by military drunkards?

Best to avoid such stories in the "exceptional" west.

In a just, fair, and decent world, the story should have made the headlines of all major media publications.

It was a simple, straightforward news story...

On March 16, a Ukrainian military BMP ran over a mother and her two children (including one infant in a stroller), standing on a sidewalk at 14:30 local time in Konstantinovka.
The eight year old girl Polina was killed instantly.
The Ukraine soldiers driving the military BMP were reportedly drunk. Outraged citizens in Konstantinovka rose up and demanded justice as the two perpetrators were whisked away to Kiev.
Neo-nazi, Right Sector muscle was moved into Konstantinovka to "deal" with the people's outrage (we all know how nazi's deal with people).
Army units stationed in the town were given a "shot to kill" order from Kiev (yes live bullets, live ammo, kill on sight orders). Could you imagine Ferguson police receiving a shot to kill order from US President Obama?

Doing a search in Google News for Konstantinovka over the past week yields a measly five pages of results...most of which are independent, alternative news outlets, blogs, or media of a non-english origin.

Searching for an alternate spelling, such as Kostiantynivka, in Google News gives only one page of results.

A regular web search in Google for the keyword Konstantinovka over the past week delivers stories from English language media outlets and popular blogs that one would expect to see covering the story...RT, Sputnik, Russia Insider, Before Its News, The Saker, Fort Russ, Live Leak, Novorossia Today, and more.

MIA are the NYT, CNN, BBC, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Fox News, WaPost, Guardian, Daily Mail, and the list goes on and on. 


The truth behind the propaganda war taking place in Ukraine can be seen more in western media's silence than in their ridiculous ramblings.

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