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Could Ukraine Bus Casualties Have Been Killed in a Mine Detonation?

The bus was hit at an Ukraine army control point which are regularly secured with mines

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On January 13th 12 passengers on a bus going to Donetsk were killed in an explosion at a military checkpoint near the Ukrainian-controlled town of Volnovaha.

Ten casualties were reported directly and two more died later in the hospital.

Both Kiev and Marie Harf, the deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State were quick to put the blame on the East Ukraine rebels saying it was an artillery strike.

"Attacks on the airport of Donetsk and the shelling of the bus, which killed 10 people and injured 13 more, constitute gross violations of the Minsk agreements", - said Harf.

Poroshenko immediately ordered another mobilization of conscripts and Kiev tightened the blockade of Donbass by stopping bus and train travel near the war torn area.

The problem for the Ukrainian and US Administration's claim is video footage from the scene shows clearly that the area was mined.

The footage was taken by Ukrainian soldiers at the scene.

Further complicating the claim that this was an artillery attack is an apparent attempt at a cover up by Kiev.

This hole is what the Ukrainians are saying is the epicenter of the shell blast. However, the hole appears to have square edges.

Simplifying the investigation is this image from the scene that shows a Ukrainian soldier with what appears to be a claymore mine. Claymore mines are direction anti-personnel mines that can be triggered remotely and fire steel balls at high speed.

Warning: graphic video

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