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Bellingcat: US Weapons Found at Donetsk Airport? Must Be Russian Loot from Georgian War!

  • Bellingcat uses its YouTube magic to trace American weapons found at Donetsk airport back to "Russian looting" during the Georgian war
  • Just kidding, they have no proof of anything. Just open speculation, as usual
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We don't even know where to begin. 

The DNR's victory at Donetsk airport is now indisputabledespite a week of denial peddled by our trusted media. But now a new battle has emerged from the airport's charred remains: Damage control. 

<figcaption>Bellingcat is on the case!</figcaption>
Bellingcat is on the case!

A number of intriguing videos have surfaced in the battle's aftermath, including one news report showing "clearly visible and identifiable M4-family rifles" abandoned on the airport's rubble-ridden concrete floor.

Simply put: American weapons were found in areas of the airport previously occupied by Ukrainian forces. 

Sounds pretty bad, right? Have no fear, Bellingcat is here!

However, on Twitter it was pointed out that Russian troops are not unfamiliar with the M4. During the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, Bushmaster M4 rifles were looted by Russian troops, along with other weapons of Georgia’s army.

Let that sink in for a moment. We insist. Sit down. Make yourself a nice cup of tea with honey and marvel at those awe-inspiring words. 

Obama has already been given the go-ahead by Congress to provide "defense articles" (see: lethal aid) to Kiev, and the US Army is quite open about its plans to train the Ukrainian National Guard. American generals are even awarding wounded Ukrainian soldiers with "challenge coins," which are about as lame as they sound. 

Bellingcat even concedes that the news report in question shows "a  large case, which seemingly bears the logo of Harris Corporation, a communications equipment manufacturer."

Aside from American weapons  and communication systems, DNR soldiers also found solar-powered American Baptist audio sermon-dispensers, with two language settings: English and Russian. We can't make this stuff up: Watch the video for yourself

All of this can only mean one thing, of course: Those M4 rifles were looted by Russian soldiers during the Georgian War of 2008, and then brought to Donetsk airport in 2015, and then left in the airport so that the DNR could make malicious claims. Bellingcat Logic 101. 

Actually, Bellingcat's "Georgian connection" is not without merit. It has been well-documented that Georgian soldiers fighting for Ukraine were killed in and around Donetsk airport

These weapons really could have come from Georgia: Carried by Georgian troops fighting for Kiev. 

Impossible (and never mentioned), according to Bellingcat. Instead, our Internet friends explain the presence of American weapons at Donetsk airport using poignant skepticism served up with a dollop of cognitive dissonance: 

Given DNR’s history of dubious claims, it’s fair to ask how the guns shown by DNR in photos actually ended up at the Donetsk airport. From a military logistics point of view, it makes little sense to provide frontline troops with weaponry where the caliber differs from the one used by the standing army, making resupplies complicated. It’s also quite a coincidence several of the types of weapons identified are known to have been used by the Georgian army, or even in training use with Russian forces still a few years ago.

So, the question remains: which route did the guns actually take to Donetsk – East or West?

Either route is possible. And all the evidence points to the weapons being transported by Kiev forces. 

If the guns were brought by Russian troops, that would suggest (we think?) that Russian soldiers were at Donetsk airport. Would Bellingcat like to support this claim? If they can't prove that, they certainly have no business theorizing that these weapons came from a conflict in a different country that took place seven years ago. 

Or are we being unreasonable? 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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