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Minimum Wage in Ukraine Now Lower than in Zambia and Ghana

Devaluation has set the minimum wage at a record low level

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This article originally appeared at Segodnya. It was translated for Russia Insider by Johanna Ganyukova

After yet another fall in the Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnia, the minimum wage in Ukraine has reached an all-time low: 1218 Hryvnia is now worth less than 43 US dollars.

Even in the impoverished countries of Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia, people receive around 4 dollars more. Significantly wealthier are those in the African countries of Lesotho, Gambia and Chad, where the minimum wage is as high as 51 dollars.

<figcaption>Not good.</figcaption>
Not good.

By comparison, the highest global minimum wage can be found in Australia, where workers are paid no less than 2700 dollars (a month).

It is a sobering thought that the next national wage increase is not due in Ukraine till December 2015.

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