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Ukrainian Artillery Hits Two Kindergartens, Kills Three in Latest Wave of "Anti-Terror" Attacks

  • DPR Interior Ministry reports that multiple Donetsk districts came under intense fire over the last 24 hours, killing 3 people and injuring 10
  • The buildings hit by shelling include a university lecture hall and two kindergartens
  • The attack comes in the wake of a deadly artillery barrage earlier this week, which killed two teenagers near a school
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DONETSK, November 7 (TASS) The Ukrainian Army’s artillery targeted two kindergartens and a university over the past 24 hours in Donetsk, the Interior Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said on Friday.

Three districts in Donetsk came under intense fire on Thursday in which three people were killed and at least ten others were injured, the ministry said in a statement.

<figcaption>Ukraine's artillery continues to "liberate" Donetsk</figcaption>
Ukraine's artillery continues to "liberate" Donetsk

The shell hit a lecture hall of a railways university in the Kiev district in northern Donetsk, injuring a young man aged 20 and other men who were working there, the statement reads.

Another man was wounded as shells hit a kindergarten in the city.

Several buildings in Donetsk have been seriously damaged and a local chamber of commerce and industry has been completely destroyed as a result of the shelling, according the ministry.

Earlier this week, two teenagers were killed in a school shelling while playing on a sports field in Donetsk. Three other locals sustained various injuries and were hospitalized. All the victims were aged between 11 and 21.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case into the deadly school shelling. Amnesty International has earlier called for an immediate and unbiased investigation into the attack.

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