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American Killed in Ukraine was a Nazi and Nephew of Notorious WW2 War Criminal

It was a big story in US media two weeks ago when Mark Paslawsky, an American volunteer soldier, was killed in the Ukraine.  Vice Media's Simon Ostrovsky had just done a flattering video interview of him.
He came across as a nice guy doing the right thing.  
Now, two articles in and provide sensational revelations.  They detail his Nazi upbringing, the attrocities of the Nazi brigade he was fighting with, and the fact that he was the nephew of a notorious WW2 Nazi war criminal.  The author of the OpEdNews article, an American living in East Ukraine, claims Paslawsky personally stalked and intimidated him there.
Paslawsky fought under the pseudonym ‘Franko’ (in honor of the Spanish fascist Francisco Franco) and served in the US army until at least 1991, when he was described as a captain in a New York Times op-ed. 
The 55-year-old former investment banker, mainly focused on Moscow, Kharkov and Kiev, claimed he had changed his nationality to Ukrainian to enlist in the Donbass Battalion.


It turns out Paslawsky was the nephew of the notorious Nazi Mykola Lebed – who incredibly was employed by the CIA from 1949 to possibly as late as 1991, where – based in New York – he gathered information on the Soviet Union for the CIA (a scheme known as Operation Aerodynamic).  He never faced trial for his vicious war crimes.

Lebed began his terrorist career in 1934 when he was sentenced to death for the murder of Polish Interior Minister Bronislaw Pieracki – later commuted to life imprisonment – but he escaped in 1939. He would go on to lead the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Poles in Eastern Galicia and Volhynia back then.

Despite harboring him for decades, the Americans were fully aware of his past and their intelligence services described Lebed as a “Ukrainian fascist leader and suspected Nazi collaborator” and a “well-known sadist and collaborator of the Germans.”

Sheltering Nazis was a common US practice after the war with the primary reason being their potential usefulness in the fight against the Soviet Union. The best known example is Klaus Barbie, but according to a 2009 National Archives report “Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, US Intelligence and the Cold War” there were dozens of similar cases. 
The report goes into great detail about the hideous crimes of Paslawsky’s uncle. One man extensively quoted is Moshe Maltz, a Jew living in Sokal, a town about 85 kilometers north of Lviv: “When the Bandera gangs (a name inspired by the chief Ukrainian Nazi leader, Stepan Bandera) seize a Jew, they consider it a prize catch. The ordinary Ukrainians feel the same way… they all want to participate in the heroic (sic) act of killing a Jew. They literally slash Jews to pieces with their machetes.”

 Lebed was trained at a Gestapo center in Zakopane. On a single day, July 11, 1943, the UIA attacked some 80 localities killing around 10,000 Poles, according to Timothy Snyder in his 1999 “Journal of Cold War Studies.”

Lebed married Sophia Hunczak, the sister of Taras Hunczak, a professor emeritus of Rutgers University. He also teaches at the Taras Shevchecnko University in Kiev. Hunczak has written articlesfor Ukrainian journals whitewashing Roman Shkukhevych and his Nachtigall Batallion, responsible for kidnapping and killing4,000 Jews in Lviv. 

Paslawsky's own Ukrainian-language Wikipedia entry refers to him as being the nephew of Hunczak and also mentions a brother, Nestor. 

In the September 13, 2009, edition of the US newspaper The Ukrainian Weekly, there is a death notice for Sophia Lebed (this page has been removed from the PDF copy on their website as of August 28, copy is available through the link) lists all her living relatives, including her brother, Taras Hunczak, and her nephews Nestor and Markian (Mark in English) Paslawsky. Then there were other materials on the subject that were removed.

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Here's the interview from VICE media.  The journalist, Simon Ostrovsky, clearly doesn't have any inkling of the background of his subject.


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