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The 1 Minute Guide to the War in Donbass

Put succinctly it is rebellion against terrorism that has taken power in Kiev and claims jurisdiction over East Ukraine

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How do you define events in Donbass?

Do you think of those who don’t want to be a part of Ukraine as – ‘separatists’:

even ‘terrorists’:


That could be because you believe what happened, the media told you what happened, on Euromaidan were ‘peaceful protests’:


and the result was a ‘legitimate government’:


I went to Euromaidan with an open mind, having lived in Ukraine for over 2 years. I wrote numerous positive articles about Ukraine.


What I saw on Maidan was – Fascism:





The Kiev government which caused Crimea, then Donbass, to rise up, was actually completely illegitimate – it just booted out a democratically elected president, then a democratically elected parliament.


The new Kiev government contained far-right wing elements intent on destroying the culture, and history, of Crimea, Donbass.


So, when you understand that Euromaidan was terrorism, the Kiev government it installed was illegitimate, far-right.

Then you understand that what happened in Crimea and Donbass, was actually anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism.


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