Ukraine Seduces Chinese Tourists With Visits to Chernobyl

"When a nuclear catastrophe gives you radioactive lemons, make some sweet yuan"

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There's a market for everything...
There's a market for everything...

Ukraine is hoping to increase its market share in "catering to crazy Chinese tourists". Kiev's plan? Trips to Chernobyl.

We are actually mildly offended that Ukraine is specifically targeting Chinese tourists for "dark tourism" attractions. What makes Ukraine's tourism industry think that only (or specifically) Chinese people would enjoy Chernobyl? Isn't that a tad bit ... racist? How could they exclude the Japanese?

Some actual information for you to read:

The number of Chinese visitors to Ukraine hit a 10-year-high in 2016 thanks to looser visa rules. The Eastern European country hopes to extend its success in drawing travelers from the world's largest outbound tourism market by offering tours more tailored to Chinese tourists. To achieve that goal, Ukraine's tourism industry is training a brigade of Chinese-speaking guides and forging alliances with neighboring European countries and other former members of the Soviet Union to offer packaged tours.


Ukraine has a lot to offer Chinese tourists, from traditional sightseeing trips to unique thematic tours, said Yanina Gavrylova, chairperson of All-Ukrainian Guides Association.

There are several aspects of Ukraine that interest Chinese tourists - culture, history and gastronomy, Gavrylova told Xinhua. "Also, we could offer the so-called dark tourism - visits to Chernobyl, World War II facilities and industrial facilities." 

According to the Global Times, "Since 2010, Chernobyl has been officially open for tourists as the area's environment has improved. The place now is completely safe if tourists strictly follow the instructions of tour guides." Yes, but rules are made to be broken.

Here is the promo:


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