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Ukraine Security Chief Holds up Holocaust Abettors as Example to Follow

The chief of Ukraine secret police (SBU) has stated the desire to build on the traditions and methods of the WWII-era OUN-UPA, which is historically complicit in the Holocaust and responsible for a campaign of mass murder against West Ukraine’s Poles

Note: In 1941 OUN offered to collaborate with the German occupiers of Ukraine. The offer was refused by the Germans, but OUN leadership still directed its members to join the German Auxiliary Police, which they did en masse, and part of it helped perpetrate the Holocaust. In 1943-44, UPA - OUNs military wing carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Poles of Western Ukraine; 50,000-100,000 Poles were murdered and hundreds of thousands were forced to flee. 

Colonel Cassad  is a Russian blog (reportedly from the pen of Boris Rozhin of Sevastopol, Crimea) that does not attempt to hide its anti-Maidan orientation, thus the references to Kiev government as junta” and “fascist regime.” However, in this instance he could not be more right just how scandalous it is (should be) for a state official to hold up the murderous, ultra-violent OUN-UPA as something to emulate.

This article originally appeared at Colonel Cassad. It was translated at Colonel Cassad in English

The Chairman of the Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalivaichenko believes that the SBU should be reformed by using the security service of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists—Ukrainian Insurgent Army as an example.

“There is no need to come up with anything unnecessary—it’s important to use as foundation the traditions of and methods used by the OUN-UPA Security Service between 1930 and 1950. It operated against the aggressor under conditions of temporary territorial occupation, it had patriotic upbringing, combat counter-intelligence, and it relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, whose unprecedented support it enjoyed,” Nalivaichenko said.

According to the SBU chairman, when reforming the agency we should reject not only “KGB designations, but also organizational structures of a security service that is alien to us.”

“For example, instead of directorates and departments, we should have districts and task forces. Task forces, unlike departments, would have broader functions, including both information war against the enemy, but also community relations,” Nalivaichenko remarked. 

Nalivaichenko believes that task forces ought to operate more decisively, and “counteract any signs of separatism or aiding the aggressor in business or in any other aspect of civic life.” (in Russian) - link

Considering that OUN-UPA carried out mass killings of Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, and Jews, using it as a point of reference for the Kiev junta repressive apparatus is noteworthy. It is perfectly normal within the fascist regime in Ukraine for the president to wear the label “Cynical Banderite,” and for the SBU head to openly say that one should rely on the experience of Nazi-collaborating organizations which were party to war crimes and crimes against humanity. We have noted earlier that the Junta leadership plans include reformatting the SBU to increase its powers and to transform it into a pure political police, while ridding it of “unnecessary” functions that will be transferred to other agencies.

Keeping in mind the tasks facing SBU and the US intelligence infrastructure implanted into the formerly Ukrainian intelligence service, the SBU’s transformation into political police is unavoidable, since in the event of the conflict becoming prolonged the repressive apparatus will play an even greater role due to the population’s disappointment in government policies, not to mention separatist and pro-Russian sentiments which the reformed SBU will suppress to the best of its abilities.

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