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Ukraine to Ban Balkan Music Star Bregović Over Crimea Trip

Ukraine Foreign Ministry intends to ban entry to Bregovic. His concert in Kiev scheduled for May 16 was canceled 

KIEV, April 1 (TASS) - The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry intends to ban entry to Balkan singer and composer Goran Bregovic following his recent visit to Crimea, a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

"We suggest that law enforcers pay attention to this visit and take relevant measures. Under the law, he may face a 15-day administrative arrest, fine or entry ban," the spokesman was quoted as saying by LigaBiznesInform news portal.

Bregovic's concert in Kiev scheduled for May 16 was cancelled on Wednesday, organizers said.

The musician flew to Simferopol, Crimea's capital, from Moscow on March 25 to present his album "Champagne for Gypsies" in Sevastopol.

Bregovic said he did not care if any Ukrainian sanctions would follow his visit to Crimea.

"The Balkan people have always felt Russia's grandeur," Bregovic said. "I think the West has always been a little paranoid about this. I hope they will eventually get over it."

Bregovic composed soundtracks for Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica's movies and wrote music for such varied artists as Iggy Pop and Cesaria Evora.

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