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Ukraine Just Opened Its Doors to NATO 'Training' Missions. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Why does Russia insist on putting its country so close to NATO training missions? Curious minds want to know.

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What is Poroshenko's escape plan, considering that he is now less popular than facial herpes, and the right-wing goons that he has cynically used to carry out terror in the Donbass are quickly turning on him?

The answer is very simple: Do everything possible to provoke Russia (an actual war would be ideal). This solves the problem of right-wing goons lynching him (because they will all volunteer to go fight Russia, and immediately die), as well as provides a convenient distraction while Porky and his oligarch friends vacuum up the last crumbs of wealth from Ukraine before high-tailing it to London or wherever.

<figcaption>Ukraine is ready for NATO membership</figcaption>
Ukraine is ready for NATO membership

Yes, we're being a bit dramatic here. But the fact remains: No one would benefit more from a NATO-led conflict with Russia than Poroshenko. Actually, he doesn't even need a real war. Just some good ol' fashioned Cold War provocations, to keep the Ukrainian people properly scared out of their wits. A good citizen is a scared citizen. They ask fewer questions, too.

A NATO confrontation with Russia is the golden parachute that Poroshenko desperately needs and yearns for.

And so, in keeping with his longstanding policy of being a terrible person, Poroshenko has signed a new decree, allowing troops from the United States and other NATO countries to carry out training missions in Ukraine.

According to reports:

It said about 2,500 troops, up to 10 navy surface ships, five submarines, planes, helicopters and other equipment, would arrive for 25 days during the summer as part of the Sea Breeze 2017 training operation.

Maneuvers under an operation called Rapid Trident will also be held in Ukraine during 2017.

The Trump Administration has apparently pledged full support for NATO. In other words, the idea that Trump will bring a swift end to the insanity in Ukraine is looking less and less likely.

But the questions remains: How much longer can the conflict in Ukraine stay "frozen" before the situation heats up?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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