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The Ukraine Is a Fake and Homosexual Country: Exhibit A

No non-fake and non-gay country would get its panties in a bunch over what particle foreigners append in front of their country name in their own language

How can you identify a cargo cult culture? (Or, as Thorfinnsson elegantly calls them, “fake and gay countries”?).

Well, here’s one thing I notice about many of them.

They’re obsessed – obsessed! – over naming conventions for their countries and cities in foreign languages.

For instance, precisely nobody in The Netherlands – to the best of my knowledge – cares in the least about having an article appended to their name in English, presumably because they are quite successful and don’t have a raging inferiority complex.

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But write “The Ukraine” (vs. the “correct” Ukraine) or “Kiev” (vs. the correct “Kyiv”), and you’re sure to have hordes of outraged svidomy knocking down your door and flooding your mentions.

Fortunately, most people from non-cargo cult countries aren’t submitting:

Even Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the ur-nemesis of Putin, who joined them Ukrainians on Euromaidan, sent the svidomy packing when they demanded he write the grammatically incorrect “в Украине” [in Ukraine] as opposed to the grammatically correct “на Украине” (at the Ukraine).

Khodorkovsky: “Please don’t tell us the rules of our own language. Make Russian your second state language – then we’ll talk.

Consequently, Ukrainian media outlets WROTE OUTRAGED HEADLINES about Khodorkovsky’s Twitter rebuke, reaching levels of fakeness and homosexuality that should not even be possible.

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Another gay though admittedly not fake country is Georgia, which has demanded its “friends” stop calling it Gruzia – as is standard throughout the Slavonic world, but – as it recently discovered – is in fact a relic of its “oppression” under Russia.

So far, it seems the only country that cares is Lithuania, another gay and mostly fake country:

The speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas, Viktoras Pranckietis, said Lithuania’s official name for the Caucasus nation will be changed by 2018 as a “great gift” from Vilnius to the Georgian people, the website BaltNews reported.

Are there any examples of non-fake and gay countries making a big deal out of such matters?

Only example that comes to mind is China, which started encouraging people to use Beijing instead of Peking. But this was just a function of China adopting pinyin as its standard Romanization (whereas there is no official Romanization standard for Russian).

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And it never made a big deal out of this, anyway.

Ergo for Czechia low-peddling its transition from the Czech Republic. Czechia is simply more accurate. But they don’t mind if you beg to differ. Czechia is neither fake nor particularly gay, despite allowing LGBT partnerships.

Seriously, is there any non fake and gay country that makes a fuss over naming conventions that don’t concern geopolitical disputes? I can’t think of any.

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