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UK to Send Its $1.3 Billion Warship to Inland Sea Infested With Russian Missiles in 'Huge Warning to Russia'

The Russians are soiling their underwear as we speak

British defense minister Michael Fallon wants to send a “clear message" as he says to Russia. For that purpose he will have one of Britain's D-class guided missile destoyers sail the narrow Bosphorus strait into the Black Sea.

At 1.3 billion USD a piece D-class destroyers are Britain's most expensive fighting surface ships as well as its largest. They displace 8,400 tons and are served by a crew of 200.

The Black Sea coast is dotted from the north and east with Russian naval bases, airfields and missile battery installations. Russians are world leaders in supersonic anti-ship missiles and have had great success in fitting long-range cruise missiles on even smallest of vessels.

Russia' mainstay supersonic missiles have a range of 600 kilometres. Its cruise missiles with the longest reach have a range of 2,500 kilometres. Distance from Sevastopol to the mouth of the Bosphorus is less than 550 kilometres. 

Just sitting in their main base the Russians can cover the entire Black Sea with a vast inferno from the land, air and sea.

The British describe the weird-looking D-class destroyer as their "most advanced" waship. With two quad Harpoon missile launchers the D-class destroyer has the long-range firepower of a modern Russian frigatte.

I am sure the Russians are soiling their knickers.

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