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UK Establishment Lectures Russia On Freedom While Persecuting Christians

The UK government is in no position to call Russia ‘’authoritarian’’, ‘’undemocratic’’ and ‘’intolerant’’ while persecuting its own citizens for holding principled, conservative views

We have heard it all before: ‘’Russia is undemocratic’’, ‘’Putin is an evil tyrant’’ and ‘’Russia is oppressive’’. Not too long ago, David Cameron and Prince Charles were comparing Russia to Nazi Germany. The BBC, the Times and other mainstream British media keep calling Russia ‘’oppressive’’ and ‘’undemocratic’’ to this very day. Most recently, the Daily Telegraph informed us that Putin did not tolerate dissenters and that Russian democracy’s pretty much non -existent. It is quite entertaining how UK establishment figures, both media and political, love to pose as great defenders of freedom and human rights. This is despite the UK’s shady dealings with, and open support for, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other manifestly oppressive, undemocratic states.

However, the UK’s hypocrisy is not confined to its foreign affairs: the UK government has just made another step towards creating a society in which those who hold Christian moral opinions are not merely disapproved of , slandered and sacked (as it is the case at the moment), but will be discriminated against and persecuted in a rather authoritarian fashion.

Ms. Nicky Morgan, the UK’s Education Secretary, has recently said that a child that expresses negative views about homosexuality is at a risk of becoming an extremist. Apparently, the aim of the new guidelines the government is about to impose on schools is to root out ISIS-style extremism from educational establishments. However, as it is often the case, the new rules will likely be used to attack Christian schools and subject Christian believers and their families to tough sanctions.

Despite government assurances that legalising gay marriage would not lead to penalising dissenters, Christian believers in the UK have been frequently persecuted by the authorities for refusing to support the government’s pro-gay agenda, ever since the controversial legislation was introduced . For example, the Asher Baking Company from Northern Ireland was recently found guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan.

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Then there is the case of the inspection of Durham Free School which resulted in the school’s closure and its pupils being labeled ‘’bigots’’. The reason cited was ‘’homophobic’’ language. Not even a magistrate with a good reputation and a great track-record was immune to such persecution- Magistrate Richard Page was disciplined and sent for ‘’equality training’’ simply for saying, in a private conversation, that an adopted child needed a mum and dad as opposed to gay parents. We are yet to see how such actions have undermined ISIS or similar organisations. What we have seen, however, is a constant attack on freedom of conscience and religion, carried out by the UK government’s openly Anti-Christian Crusade. In this context, the new guidelines are merely another nail in traditional Britain’s coffin.

Given all this, isn’t it ironic that it is the UK government, which now openly polices people’s opinions and is about to establish a veritable thought police, has been so vocal in calling Russia ‘’oppressive’’ and ‘’autocratic’’? Russia, for all her faults, is one of the last countries in Europe in which conservative moral opinions can be expressed without the fear of losing one’s job or being questioned by the authorities.

An establishment which persecutes people for holding an opinion, and is forcing people to act against their conscience, is in no position to lecture anyone about freedom. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to stop any time soon.

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