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Russia Sentences Far Right Nationalists to Life for Murders

How Russia deals with its far right fringe once it goes outside the law

MOSCOW, April 21 (RAPSI) – The Moscow Regional Court sentenced two members of the extremist group BORN, that stands for "militant organization of Russian nationalists", to life in prison, while the third member of the group received 24 years in jail for homicide and attempted murder, RAPSI reported on Tuesday from the courtroom.

Prosecutors demanded sentences varying from 25 years to life in prison for Vyacheslav Isayev, Maxim Baklagin and Mikhail Volkov.

The fourth member of the group, Yury Tikhomirov, was acquitted.

Young men were charged with racketeering, illegal weapons trafficking and several counts of homicide, including the deaths of lawyer Stanislav Markelov, federal judge Eduard Chuvashov, and several leaders of Russian anti-fascist movements. The jury found Isayev, Baklagin and Volkov guilty of killings and attempted murders in March.

Markelov was killed in Moscow in January 2009. He was murdered for his activity in an anti-fascist movement, according to investigators.

Judge Chuvashov was shot and killed in Moscow in 2010. During his career with the Moscow City Court, he presided over 20 high-profile criminal cases, some of which included ethnically motivated murder.

Nikita Tikhonov, who is deemed one of the leaders of the extremist group, was convicted and sentenced in May 2011 to life in prison for the murder of Markelov and Novaya Gazeta journalist Anastasia Baburova.

Tikhonov got 18 extra years in prison last September for killing Chuvashov.

His accomplice Yevgenia Khasis was given 18 years in jail.

Ilya Goryachev, another member of the group, is suspected of involvement in the murder of Judge Chuvashov. He was extradited from Serbia in November 2013. 

His case is being heard separately.

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