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Twitter Not Only Chasing Kremlin Trolls, But Contacting Their Followers (Russian TV News)

Twitter really wants to make sure that your beliefs are inline with CNN

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When an argument stands or falls not based on its own merit but by guilt by association, then you know you are living in a reign of terror.

These goofballs are acting like this because they know that their lies can't stand the light of day. They have gotten too ridiculous. The next time I send a pokemon out on a special black ops mission, I will make sure he understands that should he be discovered by Twitter, he will be disavowed. 

Check out the office where I work

The only way to refute their opponents is to name call and create a perception of maliciousness. The following clip from Russian news (with transcript below) covers the creepy new policy of Twitter.

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BIZZARE! Twitter Will Identify and Warn Users of ‘Kremlin-Related’ Accounts

Twitter will notify users about receiving biased data from Russian accounts. This was reported by the microblog’s administration. It’s reported that everything will happen on an individual basis. Those who followed the accounts allegedly connected with Moscow will be contacted by Twitter representatives.

Let me remind you that earlier, the US authorities announced the growth of activity of a number of pages prior to the US election. This was blamed on the Kremlin, which allegedly tried to influence the results of the vote.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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