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Twitter Manipulating Conservatives in Hopes of Making Them Doubt Their Sanity

This is some Bolshevik-tier stuff here.

Ever since the Project Veritas leaks, a lot of what happens behind the scenes at Twitter became much clearer.

Teams of White bugmen, Jews and Janissary non-Whites work round the block collecting blackmail and censoring conservatives.

But this is really an interesting step on their part. I didn’t think they’d be so brazen.

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That’s right, Twitter has started suggesting mental health services to people using the secretsociety hashtag.

Back in the darker days of the Soviet Union, political dissidents were labeled mentally ill and carted off to psychiatric hospitals.

Nice to see Big Bluebird doing effectively the sanitized digital version of that. No FEMA camps just yet, only little helpful hints courtesy of Pajeet or Bugman no. 565 working in Twitter’s ThoughtCrime division.

And this isn’t really conspiracy theory stuff that people are tweeting about. It’s a real story and even Senators are commenting on it.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson told Fox News Tuesday that an “informant” confirmed the existence of an anti-Trump “secret society” within the Department of Justice and FBI.

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House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy raised eyebrows Monday describing how FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page described a “secret society” that met off-site at the FBI.

Strzok and Page, both of whom were involved in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into election interference, are being investigated for disparaging texts exchanged about President Trump. The existence of the texts gives further evidence to Republican claims that the Muller probe is biased against Trump.

So effectively, what Twitter is doing is gaslighting anyone who strays from the narrative or is willing to look into…alternative facts.

This isn’t Germany-tier “illegal opinions” type shenanigans.

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But it’s all varying shades of alarming to say the least. That being said, I don’t even know what Twitter is trying to achieve. They’re acting like gulag guards…without the gulag. In other words, they’re jumping the gun a bit here.

There will be an effort by MAGA conservatives and the Alt-Right to contest the internet information commons soon.

Remember Nehlen?

He’s made it a central plank of his campaign and will shine attention on the issue.

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Hopefully Trump and his people push hard on this front as well. It is the perfect issue to go to war with Silicon Valley over. And Twitter is giving our side ammunition to tear them apart with.

I’m willing to bet that doing gulag-style goon shit isn’t really popular among even normie Americans. Censorship is a dirty word in America’s public consciousness thanks to yesteryear’s liberals.

That means its time to use the rallying cry of free speech as a battering ram against Twitter.

At that point its a fifty-fifty toss-up over whether liberals will use the “muh Russiabots” or “Hate Speech is not Free Speech” argument.

Let them, I have a feeling that it will only alienate White America further.

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