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Twitter Has Now Contacted The 'Victims' Of Russian Trolls

"Twitter's warning is meant to frighten users away from dissident political views that don't conform to the DC consensus—and to let users know their public opinions are being monitored & judged for signs of treason."

Twitter has taken it upon themselves to remind everyone that Russian influence is why Donald Trump won the election - and most certainly not the fact that the DNC ran a candidate who, along with her charity, continues to be under active investigation by the DOJ and the IRS.

To that end, if you're one of 677,775 Twitter users who followed, retweeted or liked content from one of 3,814 accounts allegedly run by a "Russian government-linked organization" known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA) during the election, you've likely received an email from Twitter like the one below:

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During October, 2017 Congressional hearings, Twitter said that the IRA Russian "troll farm" accounts generated 175,993 posts between 2015 and 2017 - of which 8.4% were election-related

Other Russian bot campaigns were directed at support for Black Lives Matter, Occupy, anti-fracking, and opposition to regime change in Syria. 

In addition to the 3,814 accounts tied to the IRA, Twitter says a total of 50,258 accounts have been identified as "Russian-linked," - constituting 0.016% of total Twitter accounts. 

Twitter also noted in a blog post regarding this week's mass emailing that the accounts in question were a "very small fraction" of the overall Twitter activity right before the 2016 election.

The results of this supplemental analysis are consistent with the results of our previous work: automated election-related content associated with Russian signals represented a very small fraction of the overall activity on Twitter in the ten-week period preceding the 2016 election.

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The company gave several examples of content from said Russian bots:

Bizarrely, at least one of the 677,775 accounts who received Twitter's notification did not exist during the election:

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So - if these Kremlin-linked Twitter accounts were a "very small fraction" of tweets leading up to the election, and only 8.4% of them made election-related tweets, one has to wonder why Twitter is now going to the trouble of informing hundreds of thousands of people they've interacted with said bots?

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Maybe this is why.

Source: Zero Hedge

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