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Very Funny: German Satire of Anti-Russian Propaganda Goes Viral (Video)


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This video is going viral.  

It seems to have touched a nerve in Germany, where there is growing discontent due to a perception that their media is very biased and misleading regarding the Ukraine crisis.

Hard to believe, but the German media has been worse than the anglo-saxon media in this regard.

Its theme is very similar to a similar satire from August, which we wrote about, and can be watched here.

This skit is from a very popular German political satire show called "Die Anstalt" (The Nut House), with a broad audience.  Judging from the audience reaction, the wheels are starting to come off the government's version of events on Russia and the Ukraine.

Expect to see Germany distancing itself from the US on the Ukraine.  More and more public figures are speaking out about this in Germany.

(Subtitled in English)

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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