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TV Journalist Crashes London Ukraine Conference. Makes Fool of US Ambassador Pyatt, Others


  • "The biggest lie Russia tells is that Ukraine is a society somehow divided."
  • "Russia is engaged in a relentless campaign of information aggression"

Priceless material...

The journalist was there independently, and no one realized the report would end up with

<figcaption>Hasn't been to East Ukraine in a year</figcaption>
Hasn't been to East Ukraine in a year

He had a chance to shoot the breeze with some of the most virulent neo-con critics of Russia and Putin.

Leading neo-con hawk Anne Applebaum was on the panel. Russophobic Putin-hater, Economist editor Ed Lucas, who has made that journal a bit of a laughing-stock with its relentless anti-Putin screeds, confides in hushed, conspiratorial tones that Russia is waging a: "energetic, ruthless, and unscrupulous propaganda war against us!"  

It wasn't clear whom he meant by "us".

Ambassador Pyatt was happy to babble on, claiming he didn't know who paid for the conference (the US government), that he hadn't visited East Ukraine for about a year, that he was quite sure the country wasn't really divided.  

He gave the impression of a man who really believed what he was saying, leading us to conclude that far from being sinister, this man is merely simple-minded.

The editor of a Khodorkovsky-funded attack website was there, claiming he couldn't think of any examples of US government misinformation ...

And so the afternoon wore on...

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