Busted! Viral Video IDs Man Committing Atrocity During Odessa Massacre (cc, 5 min)


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Ok, this is a big deal, we think.

This video seems to very convincingly positively identify a man brutally beating people who were lying prostrate who had just fallen 3 stories out of a burning building during the Odessa massacre.  

<figcaption>Wanted, dead or alive</figcaption>
Wanted, dead or alive

It has English subtitles.

Its important because this massacre was a major flash point and became a catalyst for the entire Ukraine conflict, galvanizing public opinion in East Ukraine and Russia, horrified by what had happened.

Here's the background:

On May 2 there was a grisly massacre in Odessa when 42 pro-Russian demonstrators were burned alive in a building after being set upon by pro-Ukrainian activists.  

Here is a wikipedia description of the event.   We can't vouch for its objectivity, but at least it gives a sense of what happened.

The pro-Russian side says that they were unarmed, were viciously attacked by heavily armed pro-Kiev, neo-nazi activists, from which they fled, seeking refuge in a trade union building.  They claim the activists then set fire to the building, where many of the pro-Russians died in the flames, and that even when trying to escape the building, they were shot at and physically attacked.

The pro-Kiev side says that after street fighting with the pro-Russians, they barricaded themselves into the building, and that the fire started accidentally, and denies continuing to attack the victims in the building.

We don't know which version is closer to the truth, but find it interesting that to this day, the western media has not made much of an effort to investigate the story.  Seems a bit of an oversight to us, considering the tragic results and the possibility of a major atrocity having transpired.

There was a major uproar in Russia in the weeks following the tragedy, because the mainstream Western media mentioned it only in passing, and showed little interest in the story, mostly presenting the pro-Kiev version of events.  

To this day it is probably Exhibit A for most Russians that the western media is biased against Russia.

A few days ago, this video surfaced on the Russian internet.  We haven't had time to look in to who made it, because we wanted to rush to get it out ourselves.  We will keep you posted on what we find out, and will write more about the event, and the controversy surrounding it, in the coming days.

Later in the video he is identified as an organizer of the anti-Russian militants involved in the skirmishes that day.  The information about the video on the Russian youtube page identifies him as Seva Goncharevskii, and says he has a Facebook profile, but it no longer exists on Facebook.

This is a big deal because whether or not he is found or captured, an investigation into who he is will likely implicate others involved in the events that day.

Watch the video yourself, its a shocker.  (Warning: It contains grisly scenes.  Not for children or faint of heart!)

We think this video could go seriously viral around the world, and could cause a major shift in western public opinion about what is going on in the Ukraine.

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P.S.  By coincidence, the invaluable Saker has a comment out today on Russia Insider, lambasting the western media and governments for ignoring the extent of the atrocities and neo-nazi involvement in the Ukraine.  Its a very well written piece.



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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