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We Found Him! A Reader Names the Odessa Thug From Yesterday's Bombshell Video


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Citizen media in action!

A reader sent us the name of the guy in the article and video we posted yesterday, which showed him brutally clubbing prostrate people who had fallen from the burning building during the Odessa massacre on May 2 of this year.

<figcaption>Wanted, dead or alive</figcaption>
Wanted, dead or alive

Our article went viral overnight, with 15,000 hits, and 7,500 views of the video on our youtube channel.  That's a lot for a site that has only been public for two weeks!

Based on the huge response to yesterday's article, Russian news organizations have contacted RI to follow up on the story.

Apparently he was arrested on charges of violence during the melee, and held for a while, but then released.  During the court proceeding deciding his release, pro-Kiev activists demonstrated in support of him in front of the court buildings.

Image icon 20140829_145611-500x375.jpg
Goncharevsky's supporters demonstrating in front of the court building

His name is Vsevolod  Goncharevskii  (middle name: Eduardovich). He is a lawyer, and well-known pro-Kiev activist.  47 years old, a resident of Odessa.

Here he is speaking to local TV stations (in Russian):  

Here are three news stories (in Russian) reporting his arrest, trial, and release:

That's what we know as of now.  Stay tuned, there's sure to be more ...

Update:  another reader just sent us this...  RIA Novosti (Russian service) is reporting that there will be coordinated demonstrations tomorrow (Oct. 2) calling attention to the Odessa massacre in the following European cities:  Dublin, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Brussels, Warsaw, Rome, and Madrid.  On Oct. 3 there will be one in Berlin.  According to Novosti, a combined 3000 people are planning to participate.

The demonstrations are being organized by a guy who survived the Odessa Massacre, (Facebook Profile) and has vowed to campaign about this until justice is done.






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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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