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Watch Poroshenko Award Medals to Neo-Nazis (captions, 1 minute)


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The news about neo-Nazi Azov Battalion keeps pouring in. In this video Ukrainian president Poroshenko decorates its members for valor.

In the first part of the video one can see Ukrainian soldiers wearing helmets with Nazi swastika and SS insignia, next to wearing Nazi Wolfsangel (wolf trap) symbol on their army coats.

Second part of the video shows Poroshenko praising neo-Nazis as Ukrainian heroes and awarding them with medals for their bravery.

We just wonder for what kind of Azov heroic deeds Poroshenko is proud of?

Is it related to neo-Nazis openly describing torture techniques, organising "human safaris", participation of foreign mercenaries or shocking revelations about tortured and killed anti-Kiev POWs?



Members of Azov battalion detain men in Mariupol


The second part of the video is clipped from a piece by the well-respected Simon Ostrovsky from the Vice News. He simply labeled the video as "Ukraine's President Insists The War Hasn't Been Lost: Russian Roulette - (Dispatch #75)".

It's more than a little peculiar that Ostrovsky, a Russian American of Jewish descent, is ignoring the neo-Nazi presence in the Ukraine army.  Most journalists would consider it to be a very big deal.  

This isnt the first time Ostrovsky has done this.  He published a flattering portrait of an American volunteer fighting in the Ukraine, only to have it blow up in his face when the guy turned out to be a heavy duty nazi, as we reported earlier.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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