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Serbs Turn Out in Force to Protest Gay Pride - Heavy Coverage in Russia


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

So you want to understand Russia?  Well here's something you won't hear about in the western media.

A 200 strong gay pride parade in downtown Belgrade on Sunday was eclipsed by a much larger 10,000 strong protest. 

Basically ignored in the western media, the demonstration was given heavy coverage in Russia.  

Public opinion on the subject are almost identical in the two countries, which see each other as closely fraternal, particularly on religious issues.

In both countries, opinion is strongly against accommodation of sexual minorities, and is seen as a pernicious symptom of decadent societies.



Here is a translation done for Russia Insider of a report of the events by a correspondent for a leading Russian Christian website which has an enormous readership in Russia.  The events were also widely broadcast on major Russian media.

"In Serbia, the gay pride parade was held last Sunday, the first in the last four years. Among those marching were the Belgrade mayor of the city, as well as several members of the cabinet. In 2010, the gay pride parade ended in the Serbian capital with the fight and since then has not been performed. The European Union, which Serbia is going to join, said the march of this kind is the test of the readiness of the country to respect the rights of sexual minorities, "- writes Euronews.

"What this unbridled debauchery tends to promote? - Destruction or perversion of the Christian faith and, above all, Orthodoxy. To join Sodom and Jerusalem is impossible. In ancient times, Sodom has fallen, and now the revenge is being prepared - the assault of Jerusalem”, - we read Archimandrite Raphael Karelin. – “Parades of the Sodomites, similar to the victorious march, from the mystical side can be seen as a ritual desecration of streets and cities. "

On the eve of the gay parade in Belgrade, over 6 000 people have gathered in the city center at a rally organized by the pro-family movement "DVERI" (World Congress of Families partner). They have demanded that the Serbian government cancel the gay pride parade.

At this rally of protest spoke Vladan Glishic, member of the Board of DVERI, Srђan Nogo, representative of the World Congress of Families in Serbia, Ambassador of the World Congress of Families to the UN Alexey Komov (Russia) and Bosko Obradovic, a member of the Board of DVERI.

The next day it became known that the "parade" will still be held.

Image icon 187164.p.jpg
The army and 7000 special police personnel were blocking central Belgrade last weekend.

"7000 police officers plus the army and armored vehicles with helicopter were deployed to protect 200 gays from the Orthodox Serbian people," - said Alexey Komov, representative of the Foundation of St. Basil the Great, the executive secretary of the Patriarchal Commission on the Family of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He came to Belgrade to support the brotherly people of Serbia in defending the natural family values.

Police has used excessive force – for example the brother of the Serbian Prime Minister Vucic was beaten in Belgrade (apparently by mistake), sources said.

After the gay pride parade over 10,000 people has passed through the center of Belgrade, with icons and crosses, from the Cathedral of St. Sava to the Patriarchate, in order “to clean up the city from the contamination of this shameful orgy," according to the movement DVERI."


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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