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Vladimir Posner: Putin Has Given Us Back Our Sense of Pride — You Cannot Ignore Us Anymore

"For the average Russian, who is a very proud person with a sense of history and a belief that his country is a great country, Putin has given him back his sense of pride - you cannot ignore us any more, the way you did when Yeltsin was in power and Russia was on its knees," said Russian journalist Vladimir Posner at a recent Munk Debates.


Vladimir Posner is a veteran journalist and bestselling author. He is the host of the top-rated weekly current affairs program on Channel One, Russia’s largest television network. Named the “Voice of Moscow” by CNN, Posner is a regular commentator on Russia and the history of the Cold War, in Western media. He is the author of a number bestselling books, including Parting with Illusions and Eyewitness: A Personal Account of the Unraveling of the Soviet Union.

As a correspondent for Radio Moscow, Posner became a sought-after commentator on Russian politics and East-West relations. During the 1980s, Posner co-hosted a series of experimental international telecasts with Phil Donahue. Called A Citizen's Summit, these televised discussions between Soviet and US viewers helped promote the concept of glasnost to a mass Soviet audience.

Posner has won multiple awards, including three Emmys, nine TEFI awards and several international honours. He was also a correspondent for the NBC Olympics during the 2014 Sochi Games, and he has been a frequent guest on Western media analyzing the conflict in the Ukraine and partition of Crimea.


Please note that he is known as a pro-Western Russian liberal and a harsh critic of Putin.

If you would like to watch the highlights from the Munk Debates on the West vs. Russia with Stephen Cohen, Garry Kasparov, Anne Applebaum and Vladimir Posner, the RI video editing team created highlights just for our viewers. 

However, please be warned that the video below is not for everyone; it contains dangerous levels of russophobia, propaganda and BS!


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