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VIDEO: Ukrainian Nazi Torturers Brand Swastikas on Prisoners' Buttocks

You couldn't make this stuff up ...

These Ukrainian nutcases are so out of control - where is the mainstream media on this??


This video contains testimony of a captive tortured by members of Ukrainian National Guard paramilitary in Kramatorsk area.

We already reported about neo-Nazi admitting the torture in detail - squeezing nipples with pliers, putting needles under fingernails, waterboarding and so on.

We also showed testimony of a victim of new MP of Ukrainian Rada Nadezhda Savchenko where she personally tortured and suggested giving victims' organs for sale.

In this video, Ukrainian citizen Stanislas Stankevich talks about Nazi-like torture techniques used in Kramatorsk against POWs and civilians. This is his testimony:

  • He was captured on 24th August by Ukrainian National Guard paramilitary.
  • Neo-Nazis burned word "separatist" on his chest and Nazi swastika sign on his bottom with burning hot chain and bayonet knife.
  • Ukrainian paramilitaries were under influence of drugs and constantly drinking energy drinks.
  • Many people, including civilians and women, were chained to each other and thrown into dug holes. Afterwards they were forced to walk into minefields where many died.
  • Young girls were also chained, tortured and abused.
  • He saw at least two dozens of pits full of people, most of them naked, even without underwear.
  • He saw around 30 captured people when he was not blindfold, both civilians and POWs.
  • Finally he was taken to Kharkov and handed to Ukrainian counterintelligence. Conditions in a cell were terrible since cell was made for 12 people but 30 prisoners were held there.

Other man also witnessed throwing captives in pits, shooting them in their knees and beating with baseball bats. After torture they slept with bound hands in pits or on concrete surrounded by rotten corpses.

So far only Amnesty International has reported that Ukraine’s Aidar punitive battalion war crimes in the Luhansk region. EU related human rights organizations are still silent on war crimes committed by Ukrainian military and paramilitary units.

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