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US Congressman Rohrabacher: Russia and America Must Work Together to Defeat Radical Islam

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gives an encouraging speech at the World Russia Forum, held in Washington, D.C.

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Dana Rohrabacher is the US Representative for California's 48th congressional district, serving in the Congress since 1989.

Republican Rohrabacher chairs the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and emerging threats. Even though it's a very important subcommittee, Rohrabacher's influence is very limited since the prevailing majority of his peers take anti-Russian positions on every issue related to Russia. His voice in the Congress almost equals "the voice of one crying out in the wilderness."

<figcaption>More weapons will not solve the problem in Ukraine, according to the Congressman</figcaption>
More weapons will not solve the problem in Ukraine, according to the Congressman

Congressman Rohrabacher is considered by the establishment and mainstream media as one of the rare pro-Russian US politicians. Apparently in the US, if you are not fiercely anti-Russian you are, by default, pro-Russian.

Unfortunately, nowadays not only in the US but in the whole West, if one doesn't say something against Russia and Putin within 5 minutes of a speech or in the first hundred words of an article, one is immediately labeled as a Putin apologist.

His speech sounds quite reasonable. He voted against the US providing weapons to Ukraine, even though, without any proof, he claims that Russian troops are in Ukraine.

He has taken a pragmatic approach because he wants to work together with Russia against one of the biggest evils of today's world (according to him) — radical Islam.

It seems that the congressman would like to avoid a second Cold War and establish a good working relationship between the two nations.

The key points of his speech:

  • We should not forget how Russia helped us after 9/11
  • We could not have initially moved into Afghanistan without help from Russia
  • He urged George W. Bush to cement a strategic partnership with Russia. His plea was flatly rejected by the Bush administration
  • A lot of people in Washington cannot get over the fact that the Cold War is over
  • There is no greater alliance to beat radical Islam than to have Russia and America working together
  • After 9/11, Russians built a wonderful monument near where the twin towers came down. Almost no American knows about that
  • Economically, after the Cold War, the US put barriers around Russia to limit its possibilities to enter global markets (e.g., rocket and satellite technology)
  • It was terrible mistake for Russia to send its troops to Ukraine
  • The problem in Ukraine started when the democratically elected president was overthrown by pro-western forces
  • We need to look for a compromise in which nobody will point a finger and blame anyone
  • Let's find a formula that will work for everybody. It's possible to find a solution
  • "Rohrabacher's peace plan": A federal system in Ukraine and let people in Crimea have an honest election to decide their future

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