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"Thank You for Your Service!" Says Chief of US Army in Europe While Awarding Medals to Maimed Ukrainian Soldiers

A new low. Even worse than Victoria Nuland and her Maidan cookies



General Ben Hodges, Chief of the US Army in Europe, awarded US army medals to Ukrainian soldiers in Kiev's Central Military Hospital on January 22. 

The video was made by "independent" Hromadske TV, a station that publicly admits it is funded by money coming from the US and Dutch embassies—and George Soros.

<figcaption>The US is proud of you!</figcaption>
The US is proud of you!

The General said the medal is "a symbol of the US army in Europe" and is given "for excellence". Interesting choice of words.

And actually these coins are not even medals, they are unit coins for a coin challenge. The coins are the "NEW U.S. Army Europe - Sword of Freedom Challenge Coin. 60335." priced at $8.79 from ebay. In description of the coin it is stated: "This coin pays tribute to the tireless commitment and outstanding dedication to duty demonstrated by every member of U.S. Army Europe."

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Instead of making sure that you get arm prosthesis worth of 100 thousands Euros that will enable you to live normal life, we will give you worthless piece of metal.

The general finished his visit by thanking the soldiers for their service. 

Does this even need comment? This is more patronizing and degrading than Victoria Nuland with her Maidan cookies.

These Ukrainian soldiers are mostly lower class folks who are dying for Western ambitions in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Once there's no use for them anymore, they will be forgotten. But at least they'll have a US Army challenge coin? 

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