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A Tearful Yatsenyuk Begs America: Let's Fight Together against Russia since Putin Wants to Conquer the World!

The Ukrainian Prime Minister attempts to manipulate US public opinion with cheap theatrics


In an interview with Fox News, Ukraine's prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk made a desperate plea to the US to arm Ukraine so that the two nations could fight together against Putin. 

Fox News once again manages to embarrass itself by running this manipulative and pathetic appeal to steer the American public towards more confrontation with Russia. 

In the interview, Yatsenyuk seems desperate and very stressed. Maybe because he feels betrayed by the US and Europe?

<figcaption>Putin is definitely a new Dr. Evil.</figcaption>
Putin is definitely a new Dr. Evil.


He urges Americans to join the Kiev regime in the war against Russia:

"The United States of America is the leader of the free world. We are fighting for our independence and we are fighting for our freedoms and liberties and this is our joint work to fight together......"

Does anyone else notice the irony when a person who is installed by a coup d'etat lectures others about liberties and freedom? As far as we know freedom is not having your democratically elected President overthrown in a bloody coup.

How can he talk about liberties and freedoms while instigating repression and bloody civil war against his own citizens because they have different political opinions? For example, even according to Ukrainian media, more than 700 Kharkov citizens were detained for "separatism" and one can get more than 8 years in prison for opposing mobilization even though war has not officially declared. Even right-wing radical Lyashko complained that currently in Ukraine there is less freedom of the press than under Yanukovich.

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Mr. Kerry, do you have weapons in your pockets by any chance? We've had enough of cookies

If he is so desperate for Ukraine to become an independent country, why then he is begging for Ukraine to become a US client state? And by the way: Claiming that the US is the "leader of the free world" is "contradictio in adjecto" itself. Why would "the free world" have a leader? It's free!

He keeps on whining:

"Russia is constantly supplying tanks, surface-to-air missiles and the rest of the stuff. And again everyone knows this. And we still use outdated Soviet style equipment"!

Where is the evidence for these claims or is that too much to ask? Why doesn't he show us the new Russian equipment used by the rebels? On the contrary, we have all seen new state-of-the-art US supplied LCMR (Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar) given to the Ukrainian army and eventually captured by Donetsk forces. Donbas forces are using "outdated Soviet style equipment", captured from the Ukrainian army and army depots in Eastern Ukraine. Rebels have at least three times less men in combat and Kiev still manage to lose on all fronts.

Therefore, resistance forces are disadvantaged by numbers and certainly by military hardware since their equipment is not better than Ukrainian one. For example, rebels don't have ballistic missiles like Tochka-U that were extensively used in the bombing of populated areas by the Kiev regime which in itself is a war crime.

At the end let's hear what Yatsenyuk has to say about Putin's main goal in this conflict. So, Putin's plan is to conquer the world, maybe even the universe?


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