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Russian Nationalist Politician Lambasts Ukrainian Journalist (captions)

  • Journalists are serfs
  • Stop begging Brussels and Moscow for money.  Pay your own way if you are such a proud nation!
  • Ukrainians are always sponging off others!
  • You are not a country! You're a bunch of freeloaders.
  • Ukrainians are squatting on historically Russian land: Odessa, Transdnistria, Donbas
  • If Ukrainians want to have their own country, they should go back to Western Ukraine and stay there, and be a small East European country like Bulgaria or Slovenia
  • Ukraine should split into 2 countries - Catholic and Orthodox.  There will be no peace till this happens

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a controversial politican, a legend of Russian politics.

He is the leader of the LDPR faction in the Russian parliament, a conservative, nationalist group.

He is known for his bombastic, outrageous outbursts. The internet is full of his antics.

Watch him unload on a Ukrainian journalist at a recent press conference.

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