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Popular Kiev Night Club Offers Guests Cake Shaped Like Russian Baby

Simulated baby-eating in ‪‎Ukraine... collective psychosis at its finest


On 28 December at a New Year Party in ‪‎Kiev‬, BarHot (Google map), a popular nigh club, offered guests cake in the shape of a Russian baby.

In the video below, guests are seen cutting a cake with a Russian flag, on top of which lies a baby.

<figcaption>Happy new year?</figcaption>
Happy new year?

As the cake is cut, you can hear applause and comments from the audience, as well as requests for certain "body parts" desired by hungry guests.

The club's menu also offers burgers called "House of Trade Unions" (where Odessa civilians were burnt alive in May). 

[video: autoplay:1]

This video seemed so ridiculous it was difficult to believe it was true, so I researched it and found that the manager of this Kiev night club confirmed that this sick show happened at his club:

"This show was our answer to the Russian propaganda that Ukraine supposedly eat babies. It is ironic way to answer the Russian propagandists and we have nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a free country. And we believe that in the fight against Russian propaganda, you can use any means".

Obviously most of Ukrainians and Russians don't find this sick joke funny.

The most absurd thing is that the guest of honor at this disturbing performance was the Russian human rights activist Elena Vasileva. Is this human right training for Ukrainians?

This is truly shocking and shameful behavior by some Ukrainians in the moment when hundreds of Donbas children have been killed by Ukrainian shells.

Igor Artemovich Aleksandrov, ten months old baby, killed by Ukrainian shells in Lugansk

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