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Leading French Politician Waxes Poetic on Russian Culture, Blasts French Policy (captions)

In Moscow press conference about huge historical-cultural theme park he is building in Russia, seriously turns on Gallic charm

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This guy can really lay it on thick.  

But we agree with what he says.  And what he says is important, because a very substantial, and growing number of people in France agree with him.

<figcaption>"The only way to stop the French from loving Russia is to tear out their hearts..."</figcaption>
"The only way to stop the French from loving Russia is to tear out their hearts..."

Among other things, he implies that the French government is trying to turn French opinion against Russia.

Politicians don't usually speak like this, and we thought it entertaining to listen to some old-school French intellectual grand-standing from a pro.

This is Philippe de Villiers, (Wikipedia) a serious entity in French politics.  He ran for president in 2007, (lost badly).  He's very conservative, very Christian, and oddly enough, his family runs an enormously successful historical theme park in western France which teaches French history, inculcating Christian values and patriotism.  People we know who have been there say it is very, very cool.

So now he's building a Russian version of the same thing, with two locations, the main one outside Moscow, and a smaller one in Crimea.  He even met with Putin about it, who gave it his full support and encouragement.

We'll give you the details on the theme park in a later article.

For now, just listen to what he says about Russia.  

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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